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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009GoGlobal: How can contemporary design collaboration and e-commerce models grow the creative industries in developing countries?Barker, T; Hall, A; -
-GRW Coolme Vest: Emergency Firefighting EquipmentWalden, RJ; Lie, S; -
Jan-2012Helsingør School (DK)Reinmuth, G; -
Jan-2013The impact of government land supply on housing startsSiqi, S; Ge, J; -
Jan-2006The impact of internal market orientation on staff service behavioursLings, IN; Beatson, A; Gudergan, S; -
Jan-2005Impact of strategic dimensions on HRM and firm performance in SingaporeTeo, ST; Chew, I; -
Jan-2011The impacts of anti-speculation policies on house price movements: The case of Guangzhou, ChinaGe, J; -
Jan-2004Inferential expectationsMenzies, GD; Zizzo, D; -
Jan-2003The influence on customized internet banner ad on attitude-ad-brand-behavioural relationshipLee, KP; Miller, K; -
Jan-2005Information exchange: an actor, activity and resource perspectiveDenize, SM; Miller, K; Young, LC; -
Jan-2013The integration of design parameters and the establishment of constraint and priority for innovationWalden, RJ; Dorst, K; -
Jan-2011Is Australia Selling Off Its Real Estate?Karantonis, AC; -
Jan-2007Is policy leading to improved sustainability at the local urban scale?Ghosh, S; Vale, R; -
Jan-2011Is TechnoCraft a New Cornerstone for Luxury FashionO'Mahony, M; -
-KarakishRobinson, TM; -
Jan-2004Keynesian dynamics and the wage-price spiral: a baseline disequilibrium approachAsada, T; Chen, P; Chiarella, C; Flaschel, P; -
-Lace NarrativesHeffer, C; -
Jan-2012Land Value Taxation: Meeting the principles of 'Good Tax Design.'Mangioni, V; -
Jan-2005Levinasian ethics and the representation of the other in international and cross-cultural managementRhodes, CH; Westwood, R; -
Jan-2005Managing human capital for performance in the Australian hospitality industry: The carrot drives the outputsRodwell, JJ; Noblet, A; McWilliams, J; Teo, ST; -