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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Analysis of one step delay in direct torque control of permanent magnet synchronous motor and its remediesZhang, Y; Zhu, J; Xu, W; NA
Jan-2011Analysis of Parameters Contributing Performance and Coverage of Mobile WiMAX with Mix TrafficFurqan, F; Hoang, DB; NA
Jan-2010Analytical nonlinear model for permanent magnet synchronous machine incorporating saturation salienciesWang, Y; Zhu, J; Wang, S; Guo, Y; Li, Y; Xu, W; NA
2007Another way of thinking: Creativity and ConformityBohemia, E; Harman, K; NA
Jan-2008Antecedents and outcome relationship value - Evidence from VietnamNguyen, DT; Nguyen, TT; Barrett, NJ; NA
Jan-2008Antenna Selection in Rank-Deficient MIMO SystemsVu, TX; Nguyen, D; Trinh, VA; NA
Jan-2011APPECT: An Approximate Backbone-Based Clustering Algorithm for TagsZong, Y; Xu, G; Jin, P; Zhang, Y; Chen, E; Pan, R; NA
Jan-2007Application of Bayesian Networks to Architectural OptimisationParakhine, A; O'Neill, T; Leaney, JR; NA
Jan-2006Applications of Protein-Based Capacitive BiosensorsMortari, A; Brown, NL; Geczy, CL; Coster, H; Valenzuela, S; Martin, DK; Csoregi, E; NA
Jan-2009Applying action research to conduct practitioner research in knowledge managementSankaran, S; NA
Jan-2007Applying Local Cooccurring Patterns for Object Detection from Aerial ImagesJia, W; Tien, D; He, S; Hope, BA; Wu, Q; NA
Jan-2003An approach to attribute generalization in incomplete information systemsLi, T; Ma, J; Xu, Y; Yang, N; NA
Jan-2007Aqua NulliusSheehan, JB; Small, GR; NA
Jan-2008Ascertaining The Semantic And Linguistic Level Of Perceived Risk In E-business InteractionsHussain, O; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Hussain, FK; NA
Jan-2011Assessing a potential electroencephalography based algorithm during a monotonous train driving task in train driversJap, B; Fischer, P; Lal, S; NA
2002An assessment of attitudes of environmentally sustainable options (ESOS) available to occupants of office space in Sydney's high-rise buildingsScalise, P; NA
Jan-2005Attitude Estimation for Dynamic Legged Locomotion Using Range and Inertial SensorsSingh, SP; Waldron, K; NA
Jan-2011Author-Constructs & Trojan horse-ing: Academic citation as a strategic discursive practiceOlsson, MR; NA
Jan-2010An Automated Model-based Adaptive Architecture in Modern GamesTan, C; Cheng, H; NA
Jan-2013Automated Segmentation of Skin Lesions: Modified Fuzzy C mean Thresholding Based Level Set MethodMasood, A; Al-Jumaily, A; Noori Hoshyar, A; Masood, O; NA