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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Do mergers benefit patients in underperforming administrations? Lessons from area health services amalgamationJohar, M; Savage, EJ
Jan-2001Do multisensory environments have a place in the education of students with high support needs?Stephenson, J
2017Do No Harm? Procurement of Medical Goods by Australian Companies and GovernmentBoersma, M
Jan-2012Do non-task interactions matter? The relationship between non-task sociability of computer supported collaborative learning and learning outcomesAbedin, B; Daneshgar, F; D Ambra, J
Jan-2014Do otolith increments allow correct inferences about age and growth of coral reef fishes?Booth, DJ
Jan-2014Do palliative care health professionals settle for low level evidence?Phillips, JL; Chan, R; Currow, DC
Jan-2004Do Pareto-Zipf and Gibrat Law Hold True? An Analysis with European FirmsFujiwara, Y; Di Guilmi, C; Aoyama, H; Gallegati, M; Souma, W
Jan-2003Do participants understand a stated preference health survey? a qualitative approach to assessing validityKenny, PM; Hall, JP; Viney, RC; Haas, MR
Jan-2010Do people really love their cars or do governments just love road building ... and what are the implications for sustainability?Zeibots, ME; Mudd, G
Jan-2013Do Physical Capacity And Interchange Rest Periods Influence Match Exercise-intensity Profile In Australian Football?Mooney, M; Cormack, S; O'brien, B; Coutts, AJ
2011Do potted-plants improve the indoor environment?Brennan, JP
Jan-2010Do private patients have shorter waiting times for elective surgery? Evidence from New South Wales public hospitalsJohar, M; Savage, EJ
Jan-2011Do programs to improve business performance in small and medium manufacturing enterprise improve opportunity recognition?Matthews, J; Bucolo, S; Ed, MA
Jan-2004Do recent data from the Seychelles Islands alter the conclusions of the NRC Report on the toxicological effects of methylmercury?Stern, AH; Jacobson, JL; Ryan, LM; Burke, TA
Jan-2005Do research theses examiners need training? Practitioner storiesSankaran, S; Swepson, P; Hill, G
Jan-2007Do Respondents use Extra Information Provided in Online Best-Worst Choice Experiments?Mueller, S; Lockshin, L; Louviere, JJ; Hackman, D; Thyne, M; Deans, K; Gnoth, J
Jan-2011Do Respondents' Perceptions of the Status Quo Matter in Non-Market Valuation with Choice Experiments? An Application to New Zealand Freshwater StreamsScarpa, R; Marsh, D; Mkwara, L
Jan-2010Do retailers benefit from the long tail phenomenon?Eckert, J; Eckert, C; Skiera, B; Hinz, O; Krishnamurthy, S; Singh, G; McPherson, M
29-Mar-2017Do Siblings Free-Ride in 'being There' for Parents?Maruyama, S; Johar, M
Jan-2008Do social product features have value to consumers?Auger, P; Devinney, TM; Louviere, JJ; Burke, PF