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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The dynamics of change in a complex sporting environment : Australian cricketTanswell, Peter
Jan-2010Dynamics of co-occurring Alexandrium minutum (Global Clade) and A. tamarense (West European) (Dinophyceae) during a summer bloom in Cork Harbour, Ireland (2006)Touzet, N; Farrell, H; Rathaille, A; Rodriguez, P; Alfonso, A; Botana, L; Raine, R
Jan-2013Dynamics of component carbon fluxes in a semi-arid Acacia woodland, central AustraliaCleverly, JR; Boulain, NP; Villalobos-Vega, R; Grant, NM; Faux, R; Wood, C; Cook, P; Yu, Q; Leigh, A; Eamus, D
Jan-2002The dynamics of effective group work: the marketing student's viewYoung, LC; Shaw, R; Adam, S; McDonald, H
Jul-2008Dynamics of Genome Rearrangement in Bacterial PopulationsDarling, AE; Miklos, I; Ragan, MA
Jan-2008Dynamics Of Genome Rearrangement In Bacterial PopulationsDarling, AE; Miklos, I; Ragan, M
Jan-2011Dynamics of globalization: Location-specific advantages or liability of foreignness?Asmussen, CG; Pedersen, T; Devinney, TM; Tihanyi, L; Asmussen, CG; Pedersen, T; Devinney, TM; Tihanyi, L
Jan-2001Dynamics of Grinding MachinesKirpitchenko, I; Zhang, N; Tchernykh, S; Wen, B
Jan-2005Dynamics of light emission in CdMnS nanoparticlesGodlewski, M; Yatsunenko, S; Drozdowicz-Tomsia, K; Goldys, EM; Phillips, M; Klar, PJ; Heimbrodt, W
Jan-2008Dynamics of lipid-saccharide nanoparticles by quasielastic neutron scatteringBari, MD; Gerelli, Y; Sonvico, F; Deriu, A; Cavatorta, F; Albanese, G; Colombo, P; Fernandez-alonso, F
2009The dynamics of litterfall in eucalypt woodland surrounding pine plantationsBaker, AC
Jan-2010Dynamics of moving average rules in continuous-time financial market modelHe, X; Zheng, M
2016Dynamics of nitrogen fixation in Australia's marine environmentMesser, Lauren Frances
Jan-2009Dynamics of PM2.5 concentrations in Kathmandu valleyAryal, R; Lee, BK; Karki, R; Gurung, A; Baral, B; Byeon, SH
Jan-2012The Dynamics of Preference Elicitation after an Environmental Disaster: Stability and Emotional LoadLeon, CJ; Arana Padilla, JE
2016Dynamics of refractory carbon in seagrass meadowsTrevathan-Tackett, Stacey Marie
Jan-2005The Dynamics of ThoughtGardenfors, P
Jan-2006Dynamics of two delay coupled van der Pol oscillatorsLi, X; Ji, J; Hansen, CH
Jan-2008Dynamische Aspekte im Kaufverhalten: Die Determinanten von Kaufzeitpunkt, Marken- und MengenwahlEckert, C
Jan-2012Dynamism of Chinese Entrepreneurship in AustraliaSelvarajah, C; Chelliah, J; Lee, H