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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Designing Websites with Extensible Web (xWeb) MethodologiesRajagopalapillai, R; Gardner, W; Dillon, TS; Chang, E
2015Designing with crime prevention – Creating community wellbeing through designWatson, NR; Kaldor, L; Weber, C; Husung, S; Cascini, G; Cantamessa, M; Marjanovic, D; Bordegoni, M
Jan-2003Designing with Evolving SystemsBroadbent, JA
Jan-2010Designing with mobile digital storytelling in rural AfricaBidwell, N; Reitmaier, T; Marsden, G; Hansen, SK; NA
2-Nov-2015Designing your Flipped Classroom: an evidence-based framework to guide the flipped teacher and the flipped learnerReyna, JL; Davila, Y; Huber, E
1-Jan-2015Designs and performance characteristics of coated nanotoroid antennasRehman, SU; Geng, J; Ziolkowski, RW; Wang, Y; Liang, X; Jin, R
Jan-2012Designs for choice experiments for the multinomial logit modelStreet, D; Burgess, LB; Klaus Hinkelmann
-Designs for the International Hand and Lock Prize for Embroidery AwardsClifton-Cunningham An; NA
2-Sep-2011Designs of training signals for spatially correlated multi-user MIMO-OFDMTran, NN; Nguyen, HH; Tuan, HD; Dodds, DE
Jan-2007Designs with a-priori information for nonmarket valuation with choice-experimentsFerrini, S; Scarpa, R
Jan-2010Desire and tactics: women and Design educationClerke, T; Forsyth, G
Jan-2009The desire for something better: learning and organising in the new world of workBrown, T; Cooper, L; Walters, S
Jan-2013Desire in Translation: White Masculinity and TESOLAppleby, RJ
21-Sep-2017DESMAN: a new tool for de novo extraction of strains from metagenomes.Quince, C; Delmont, TO; Raguideau, S; Alneberg, J; Darling, AE; Collins, G; Eren, AM
Jan-2007Desperately Seeking Legitimacy: Organizational Identity and Emerging IndustriesClegg, SR; Rhodes, CH; Kornberger, MM
Jan-2012Desperately seeking my wages: justice, media logic, and the politics of voice in urban ChinaSun, W
Jul-2015Desperately seeking parenthood: neonatal nurses reflect on parental anguish.Green, J; Darbyshire, P; Adams, A; Jackson, D
2016‘Despots of Elegance’: Men’s Fashion 1715-1910McNeil, PK; Takeda, SS; Spilker, KD; Esguerra, C
Jan-2006Destabilizing role of cathepsin S in murine atherosclerotic plaquesRodgers, K; Watkins, D; Miller, A; Chan, P; Karanam, S; Brissette, W; Long, C; Jackson, C
Jan-2007Destination and Enterprise Management for a Tourism FutureDwyer, LM; Edwards, DC; Mistilis, N; Roman, C; Liburd, JJ; Hergesell, A