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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Dec-2016Demo: A safe low-cost HMD for underwater VR experiencesZhang, W; Chen, T; Tan, C
Jan-2007Demo: Utzon's Studio as a Collaborative Virtual EnvironmentWeiley, V; Gibbs, M; Hjorth, L; Milne, E; Pisan, Y
Jan-2012Democracy 2.0: Can social media engage youth and disengaged citizens in the public sphereMacnamara, J
Jan-2003"Democracy as Defeat": The Impotence of Arguments for Public Service BroadcastingJacka, L
2014Democracy in Schools: Encouraging Responsibility and citizenship through student participation in school decision makingVarnham, S; Evers, M; Booth, T; Avgoustinos, C
1-Oct-2016Democratic Business Ethics: Volkswagen’s Emissions Scandal and the Disruption of Corporate SovereigntyRhodes, C
Jan-2004Democratic governance in the Philippines: Analysing the sustainability issues.Hasan, AS
Jan-2008Democratic Hospitalities: national borders and the impossibility of the other for democracyKelly, EK
2014Democratic Innovations in Local Government : A Public Value perspectiveThompson, NK; Riedy, C
Jan-2007Democratization in China and Democrats within the Chinese Communist PartyFeng, C; Feng Chongyi
Jan-2008Democrats within the Chinese Communist Party since 1989Feng, C
1-Mar-2012Demodulation of 16-QAM, DCM data symbols using two hybrid-QPSK constellationsHuang, X; Li, Y; Lowe, D
24-Jan-2012Demodulation of 16-QAM, DCM data symbols using two hybrid-QPSK constellationsHuang, X; Li, Y; Lowe, D
Jan-2008Demographic analysis of the Port Jackson shark Heterodontus portusjacksoni in the coastal waters of eastern AustraliaPowter, DM; Gladstone, W
30-Jun-2017Demographic and geographical risk factors for gonorrhoea and chlamydia in greater Western Sydney, 2003-2013.Gale, M; Hayen, A; Truman, G; Varma, R; Forssman, BL; MacIntyre, CR
2017Demographic Projections of Demand for Criminal Court Services across New South WalesOpeskin, B; Halstead, I; Parr, N; Swanson, D
Mar-2016The Demographics of Retirement Village ResidentsTowart, L
Jan-2014Demography and interannual variability of salp swarms (Thalia democratica)Henschke, N; Everett, J; Doblin, MA; Pitt, K; Richardson, AJ; Suthers, IM
Jan-2013Demolish or refurbish - Environmental benefits of housing conservationDing, GK
4-Mar-2017Demonstrating the impact of a distributed leadership approach in higher educationJones, S; Harvey, M; Hamilton, J; Bevacqua, J; Egea, K; McKenzie, J