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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Elastic waves and homogenization in oblique periodic structuresZalipaev, VV; Movchan, AB; Poulton, CG; McPhedran, RC
Jan-2009Elderly Persons' Perception And Acceptance Of Using Wireless Sensor Networks To Assist HealthcareSteele, RJ; Lo, AC; Secombe, C; Wong, Y
16eLearning in Local GovernmentNancy Ly
Jan-2010Elective Music Students Experiences with Jam2JamJohnston, AJ; Humberstone, J; Thomassen, A; Champion, E
2012Electoral Redistribution in Australia: Accommodating 150 Years of Demographic ChangeOpeskin, B; Juriansz, J
Jan-2008An Electric Assist Bicycle Drive with Automatic Continuously Variable TransmissionWatterson, PA; Gu, GL; Yang, K; Wang, J
Jan-2014Electric field manipulated reversible hydrogen storage in graphene studied by DFT calculationsAo, Z; Li, S
Jan-2002Electric fields produced by electron irradiation of insulators in a low vacuum environmentToth, M; Phillips, M; Craven, JP; Thiel, BL; Donald, AM
2007Electrical conductivity imaging of aquifers connected to watercourses : a thesis focused on the Murray Darling Basin, AustraliaAllen, DA
Jan-2012The electrical field as a novel switch for uptake/release of hydrogen storage in nitrogen doped grapheneAo, Z; Hernandez-Nieves, AD; Peeters, FM; Li, S
Jan-2009Electrical perceptual threshold testing: A validation studyLeong, G; Gorrie, C; Ng, K; Rutkowski, S; Waite, P
Jan-2007Electrical Properties of Pure and Oxygen-Intercalated Fullerene FilmsFoley, M; Ton-That, C; Kirkup, L; Barnhoorn, A; Fitz Gerald, JD; Jackson, I; Senden, TJ
2013Electrical Properties of ZnO/Nylon-6 Spider-Wave-Like Nano-Nets Prepared via ElectrospinningKim, HJ; Pant, HR; Park, CH; Tijing, L; Hwang, BS; Choi, NJ; Kim, CS
Jan-2011Electrical trades in the green economy: analysis of the NSW energy sector to 2020Rutovitz, J; Ison, N; Langham, E; Paddon, M
2006Electricity industry reform in Australia : rationale, impacts, challengesFathollahzadeh Aghdam, R
2008Electricity industry reform in Mozambique : rationale, impacts and challengesCumbe, FMA
2010Electricity industry reforms in Thailand : a comprehensive reviewWattana, S
Jan-2008Electricity Industry Reforms in Thailand: A Historical ReviewWattana, S; Sharma, D; Vaiyavuth, R
Jan-2011Electricity Industry Reforms in Thailand: An Analysis of ProductivityWattana, S; Sharma, D
Jan-2004Electricity Industry Reforms in the PhilippinesSharma, D; Madamba, SE; Chan, M