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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009The determinants of married women's autonomy in IndonesiaRammohan, A; Johar, M
Jan-2011Determinants of MNE Subsidiaries Decision to Set up Own R&D Laboratories: The Choice of RegionKottaridi, C; Papanastassiou, M; Pitelis, C; Nijkamp, P; Siedschlag, I
Jan-2004The determinants of quality experiences in an emerging wine regionGriffin, T; Loersch, A; Carlsen, J; Charters, S
Jan-2013Determinants of quality management practices: An empirical study of New Zealand manufacturing firmsAgarwal, R; Green, R; Brown, PJ; Tan, H; Randhawa, K
1998Determinants of service behaviour among customer contact personnelDaniel, K
Jan-2007Determinants of Service ReusabilityFeuerlicht, G; Wijayaweera, A; Fujita, H; Pisanelli, D
Jan-2012The determinants of the convexity in the flow-performance relationshipFu, R; Navone, M; Pagani, M; Pantos, TD
Jan-2007Determinants of the variability in corporate effective tax rates and tax reform: Evidence from AustraliaRichardson, G; Lanis, R
Jan-2013Determinants of transfer pricing aggressiveness: empirical evidence from Australian firmsRichardson, G; Taylor, G; Lanis, R
Jan-2010The determinants of value and wealth creation at the firm, industry, and national levels: A conceptual framework and evidencePitelis, C; Vasilaros, V
May-2014Determinants of viremia copy-years in people with HIV/AIDS after initiation of antiretroviral therapy.Wright, ST; Hoy, J; Mulhall, B; O╩╝connor, CC; Petoumenos, K; Read, T; Smith, D; Woolley, I; Boyd, MA
13-Jan-2014Determinants of Women Consulting with a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner for Pregnancy-Related Health ConditionsSteel, A; Adams, J; Sibbritt, D; Broom, A; Gallois, C; Frawley, J
Jan-2013Determinants of WTP for Prosecco wine: a latent class regression with attitudinal responsesThiene, M; Galletto, L; Scarpa, R; Boatto, V
Jan-2007Determination of 3D magnetic reluctivity tensor of soft magnetic composite materialGuo, Y; Zhu, J; Lin, Z; Zhong, J; Lu, H; Wang, S
1-Jun-2016Determination of active earth pressure on rigid retaining wall considering arching effect in cohesive backfill soilRao, P; Chen, Q; Zhou, Y; Nimbalkar, S; Chiaro, G
Jan-2010The determination of activity of the enzyme Rubisco in cell extracts of the dinoflagellate alga Symbiodinium sp. by manganese chemiluminescence and its response to short-term thermal stress of the algaLilley, R; Ralph, PJ; Larkum, A
Jan-2013Determination of alkylamine carbonate nonionic-anion oil displacement agent in oil-field water using HPLC after derivatization with 4-methoxybenzenesulfonyl fluorideZhang, Y; Wang, C; Yao, F; Zhu, X; Qu, Q; Hu, X; Wang, G
Jan-2004Determination of butyltins in environmental samples using sodium tetraethylborate derivatisation: characterisation and minimisation of interferencesBowles, KC; Tiltman, MD; Apte, SC; Hales, LT; Kalman, JR
Jan-2010Determination of chemo-responses for osteosarcoma using a hybrid evolutionary algorithmChan, KY; Zhu, HL; Lau, C; Dillon, TS; Ling, SS; Pilar Sobrevilla
Jan-2007Determination of commonly used polar herbicides in agricultural drainage waters in Australia by HPLCTran, T; Hyne, RV; Doble, PA