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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2013Distributed recycled water systems - hard to justify in Sydney, but it's a great place to learnWatson, R; Fane, S; Mitchell, C
Jan-2012Distributed scientific group collaboration across biocontainment barriersLi, J; Robertson, TJ; Müller-Tomfelde, C; Poltrock, S; Simone, C
Jan-2006Distributed sensor fusion for object trackingKarol, A; Williams, M; NA
Jan-2007Distributed simultaneous task allocation and motion coordination of autonomous vehicles using a parallel computing clusterKulatunga, AK; Skinner, B; Liu, D; Nguyen, HT; Tarn, TJ; Chen, SB; Zhou, C
Jan-2011A Distributed Smart Routing Scheme for Terrestrial Sensor Networks with Hybrid Neural Rough SetsJiang, F; Ling, SS; Frater, M; Chin-Teng Lin
Mar-2017Distributed State Estimation Over Unreliable Communication Networks With an Application to Smart GridsRana, M; Li, L; Su, SW
11-Aug-2015Distributed State Estimation Using RSC Coded Smart Grid CommunicationsRana, MM; Li, L; Su, S
Jan-2009Distributed Strategies for Minimum-Latency Cooperative Retransmission in Wireless NetworksXiong, L; Libman, L; Mao, G; Elmallah, E; Younis, M; Chou, CT
Jan-2008The Distributed Studio: Towards a Theory of Virtual Place for Creative CollaborationWeiley, V; Pisan, Y; Vetere, F; Graham, C; Satchell, C
Jan-2002Distribution and evolution of the anopheles punctulatus group (Diptera: Culicidae) in Australia and Papua New GuineaBeebe, NW; Cooper, RD
1-Jan-2016Distribution and spatial modelling of a soft coral habitat in the Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park: Implications for managementPoulos, DE; Gallen, C; Davis, T; Booth, DJ; Harasti, D
Jan-2011Distribution Calibration In Riemannian Symmetric SpaceSi, S; Liu, W; Tao, D; Chan, K
Jan-2002Distribution changes after settlement in six species of damselfish (Pomacentridae) in One Tree Island lagoon, Great Barrier ReefBooth, DJ; Alquezar, R
Nov-2011Distribution of allele frequencies and effect sizes and their interrelationships for common genetic susceptibility variants.Park, JH; Gail, MH; Weinberg, CR; Carroll, RJ; Chung, CC; Wang, Z; Chanock, SJ; Fraumeni, JF; Chatterjee, N
Jan-2010Distribution of Class 1 Integrons with IS26-Mediated Deletions in Their 3 '-Conserved Segments in Escherichia coli of Human and Animal OriginDawes, FE; Kusevski, A; Bettelheim, KA; Hornitzky, MA; Djordjevic, SP; Walker, MJ
Jan-2011Distribution of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) providers in rural New South Wales, Australia: A step towards explaining high CAM use in rural health?Wardle, J; Adams, J; Magalhães, RJ; Sibbritt, D
5-Sep-2015Distribution of extracellular polymeric substances in anammox granules and their important roles during anammox granulationNi, SQ; Sun, N; Yang, H; Zhang, J; Ngo, HH
Jan-2009Distribution Of Frogs In Rice Bays Within An Irrigated Agricultural Area: Links To Pesticide Usage And Farm PracticesHyne, RV; Spolyarich, N; Wilson, SP; Patra, R; Byrne, M; Gordon, G; Sanchez-Bayo, FP; Palmer, CG
Jan-2008The distribution of household health expenditures in AustraliaJones, G; Savage, EJ; Van Gool, K
Jan-2003Distribution of Intimin subtypes among Escherichia coli isolates fro ruminant and human sourcesRamachandran, V; Brett, K; Hornitzky, MA; Dowton, M; Bettelheim, KA; Walker, M; Djordjevic, SP