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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Dynamics and control of gear shifts in a two speed electric vehicleWalker, PD; Zhang, N; Zhu, B; Abdul Rahman, S
Jan-2010Dynamics and diversity in use: implications for aesthetics and usabilityvan der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Eggink, W; Boks, C; McMahon, C; Ion, W; Parkinson, B
27-Apr-2011Dynamics and microscopic origin of fast 1.5 μm emission in Er-doped SiO<inf>2</inf> sensitized with Si nanocrystalsSaeed, S; Timmerman, D; Gregorkiewicz, T
Jan-2007Dynamics and short-term survival of toxic cyanobacteria species in ballast water from NOBOB vessels transiting the Great Lakes - implications for HAB invasionsDoblin, MA; Coyne, K; Rinta-kanto, J; Wilhelm, S; Dobbs, FC
Jan-2010Dynamics and simulations of shifting in a dual clutch transmissionWalker, PD; Zhang, N; Tamba, RT; Fitzgerald, SP; Teh, K; Davies, I; Howard, I
Jan-2005Dynamics of a Powertrain with Half-Toroidal Type CVU During Hard AccelerationsZhang, N; Dutta-Roy, T; Xie, M; Mouritz, A; Khatibi, A; Gardiner, C; Chiu, WK
Jan-2005Dynamics of a Powertrain with Ratio-Dependent System Parameters and Multiple NonlinearitiesZhang, N; Salman Leong, M; Abdul Ragman, R; Zin, TC
Jan-2005Dynamics of a Powertrain with Ratio-dependent system parameters and multiple nonlinearitiesZhang, N; Salman Leong, M; Abdul Ragman, R; Zin, TK
Jan-2010Dynamics Of A Rigid Rotor Linear/Nonlinear Bearings System Subject To Rotating Unbalance And Base ExcitationsEl-Saeidy, F; Sticher, F
2007The dynamics of alignment : resolving strategy ambiguity within bounded choicesCampbell, BR
Jan-2003Dynamics of beliefs and learning under aL processes - the heterogeneous caseChiarella, C; He, X
Jan-2004Dynamics of beliefs and learning under AL processes - the homogeneous case.Chiarella, C; He, X; Barnett, W; Deissenberg, C; Feichtinger, G
Jan-2006Dynamics of bond market integration between established and accession European Union countriesKim, S; Lucey, BM; Wu, E
2016The dynamics of change in a complex sporting environment : Australian cricketTanswell, Peter
Jan-2010Dynamics of co-occurring Alexandrium minutum (Global Clade) and A. tamarense (West European) (Dinophyceae) during a summer bloom in Cork Harbour, Ireland (2006)Touzet, N; Farrell, H; Rathaille, A; Rodriguez, P; Alfonso, A; Botana, L; Raine, R
Jan-2013Dynamics of component carbon fluxes in a semi-arid Acacia woodland, central AustraliaCleverly, JR; Boulain, NP; Villalobos-Vega, R; Grant, NM; Faux, R; Wood, C; Cook, P; Yu, Q; Leigh, A; Eamus, D
Jan-2002The dynamics of effective group work: the marketing student's viewYoung, LC; Shaw, R; Adam, S; McDonald, H
Jan-2008Dynamics Of Genome Rearrangement In Bacterial PopulationsDarling, AE; Miklos, I; Ragan, M
Jan-2008Dynamics of genome rearrangement in bacterial populations.Darling, AE; Miklós, I; Ragan, MA
Jan-2011Dynamics of globalization: Location-specific advantages or liability of foreignness?Asmussen, CG; Pedersen, T; Devinney, TM; Tihanyi, L; Asmussen, CG; Pedersen, T; Devinney, TM; Tihanyi, L