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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014A discrete choice experiment to obtain a tariff for valuing informal care situations measured with the CarerQol instrument.Hoefman, RJ; van Exel, J; Rose, JM; van de Wetering, EJ; Brouwer, WBF
Jan-2010Discrete choice experiments are not conjoint analysisLouviere, JJ; Flynn, TN; Carson, R
Jan-2002Discrete choice experiments to measure consumer preferences for health and healthcareViney, RC; Lancsar, E; Louviere, JJ
Jan-2011Discrete Choice Theory and ModelingAdamowicz, V; Swait, JRJD; Lusk, J; Roosen, J; Shogren, J
Jan-2007Discrete Dipole Approximation Aided Design Method for Nanostructure ArraysZhu, S; Luo, X; Du, C
2010Discrete dipole approximation for the study of radiation dynamics in a magnetodielectric environmentRahmani, A; Chaumet, P; Bryant, G
Jan-2010Discrete Dipole Approximation for the Study of Radiation Dynamics in a Magnetodielectric EnvironmentRahmani, A; Chaumet, PC; Bryant, GW
Jan-2011Discrete Dipole Approximation For Time-Domain Computation Of Optical Forces On Magnetodielectric ScatterersChaumet, PC; Belkebir, K; Rahmani, A
2013Discrete dipole approximation in time domain through the Laplace transformChaumet, P; Zhang, T; Rahmani, A; Gralak, B; Belkebir, K
3-Dec-2013Discrete dipole approximation in time domain through the Laplace transform.Chaumet, PC; Zhang, T; Rahmani, A; Gralak, B; Belkebir, K
Jan-2010Discrete optimisation with polynomially detectable boundaries and restricted level setsZinder, Y; Memar, J; Singh, G; Donghyun Kim
Jan-2013Discrete Optimization With Polynomially Detectable Boundaries And Restricted Level SetsZinder, Y; Memar, J; Singh, G
-Discrete Self-SimilarityGefferth, A; Molnár, S; Veitch, D
Jan-2003A discrete time benchmark approach for insurance and financeBuhlmann, H; Platen, E
15-Aug-2017Discrete topology optimization of ply orientation for a carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) laminate vehicle doorWu, C; Gao, Y; Fang, J; Lund, E; Li, Q
7-Jul-2014Discrete-time sliding mode control for a class of underactuated mechanical systems with bounded disturbancesNguyen, TD
3-Jul-2015Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control for Networked Systems With Random Communication DelaysArgha, A; Li, LI; Su, S; Nguyen
1-Jan-2015Discrete-time sliding mode control with state bounding for linear systems with time-varying delay and unmatched disturbancesThat, ND; Ha, QP
2002Discrete-Time Systems with Monotonic Step Responses and Complex Conjugate Poles and ZerosSalazar, F; Leon de la Barra, BA
Jan-2013Discretion in sexuality-based asylum cases: An adaptive phenomenomWessels, J; Thomas Spijkerboer