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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The Design Thinking Mindset: An Assessment Of What We Know And What We See In PracticeSchweitzer, J; Groeger, L; Sobel, L
5-Oct-2017Design, analysis and control of a magnetically-coupled multi-port multi-operation-mode residential micro-gridJafari, M; malekjamshidi khanehzenyani; zhu
Jan-2012Design, Build and Testing of a Noise-free Twin Shaft Co-Axial Wind Turbine For UTS BuildingsMadadnia, J; Kala, DB; Pillai, D; Koosha, H
1-Dec-2012Design, construction and calibration of an instrument for measuring the production of chilled water by the combined effects of evaporation and night sky radiationAl-Zubaydi, AYT; Dartnall, J; Dowd, A
2-Jul-2015Design, designing and designs: "a new school of thought"Berti, M; Simpson, AV; Clegg, S
Jan-2011Design, fabrication and experimental validation of a novel dry-contact sensor for measuring electroencephalography signals without skin preparation.Liao, L-D; Wang, I-J; Chen, S-F; Chang, J-Y; Lin, C-T
6-Nov-2014Design, fabrication, and experimental validation of novel flexible silicon-based dry sensors for electroencephalography signal measurementsYu, YH; Lu, SW; Liao, LD; Lin, CT
1-Sep-2015Design, implementation and characterization of a novel bi-directional energy conversion system on DC motor drive using super-capacitorsSun, L; Zhang, N
2011Design, learning, empathy & Intuition : an experience-centered research and design approach for digital, mobile, museum learning application designWalker, CR
Jan-2012Design, modeling, and controlling of a large-scale magnetorheological shock absorber under high impact loadHu, H; Jiang, X; Wang, J; Li, Y
Jan-2012Design, production and creativityvan Leeuwen, T; Rodney Jones
Jun-2012Design, simulation and experimental validation of a novel flexible neural probe for deep brain stimulation and multichannel recording.Lai, H-Y; Liao, L-D; Lin, C-T; Hsu, J-H; He, X; Chen, Y-Y; Chang, J-Y; Chen, H-F; Tsang, S; Shih, Y-YI
Jan-2012Design, Simulation and Implementation of an Intelligent MPPT using a ZVCS Resonant DC-DC converterJafari, M; Malekjamshidi Khanehzenyani, Z; Zhu, J; NA
24-Apr-2017Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of N-Sulfonylphenyl glyoxamide-Based Antimicrobial Peptide Mimics as Novel Antimicrobial AgentsTsz, TU; Nizalapur, S; Ho, KKK; Yee, E; Berry, T; Cranfield, CG; Willcox, M; Black, DS; Kumar, N
Jan-2016Design, synthesis and evaluation of N-aryl-glyoxamide derivatives as structurally novel bacterial quorum sensing inhibitors.Nizalapur, S; Kimyon, Ö; Biswas, NN; Gardner, CR; Griffith, R; Rice, SA; Manefield, M; Willcox, M; Black, DS; Kumar, N
Jan-2012Design-based Research Principles For Student Orientation To Online Study: Capturing The Lessons LearntWozniak, H; Pizzica, J; Mahony, M
Jan-2010A Design-Based Self-Study of the Development of Student Reflection in Teacher EducationAubusson, PJ; Griffin, JM; Steele, FA
Jan-2011Design-led innovation - Exploring the synthesis of needs, technologies and business modelsBucolo, S; Matthews, J; Ed, BJ
31-Mar-2014Design-led innovation: Overcoming challenges to designing competitiveness to succeed in high cost environmentsBucolo, S; Wrigley, C; Roos, G; Kennedy, N