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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Elements of carnival and the carnivalesque in contemporary Australian children's literatureHaynes, BF
Jan-2014Elements of effective palliative care models: a rapid reviewLuckett, T; Phillips, JL; Agar, M; Virdun, C; Green, AR; Davidson, PM
2015Elements of optimal paediatric palliative care for children and young people: An integrative review using a systematic approachVirdun, C; Brown, N; Phillips, JL; Luckett, T; Agar, M; Green, AR; Davidson, PM
Jan-2010'The elephant in the room': Audit culture and TAFE teachersBlack, SR; Reich, AJ; Balatti, J
Jan-2005The elephant trap: Bias, balance and government - ABC relations during the second Gulf WarJacka, L
Jan-2010Elevated cell-specific microparticles are a biological marker for cerebral dysfunctions in human severe malaria.Pankoui Mfonkeu, JB; Gouado, I; Fotso Kuaté, H; Zambou, O; Amvam Zollo, PH; Grau, GE; Combes, V
Jan-2007Elevated service offering in service value networks: Building dynamic capabilityAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Gupta, S; Coelho, J
Jan-2008The Elian Gonzalez Discursive TemplateAllatson, P; Guzman, IM
Jan-2012Eliciitng consumer preferences for certified animal-friendly foods: can elements of the theory of planned behaviour improve choice experiement analysis?Nocella, G; Boecker, A; Hubbard, L; Scarpa, R
2009Elicitating Sugeno Integrals: Methodology and a Case StudyPrade, H; Rico, A; Serrurier, M; Raufaste, E
2009Elicitation of Sugeno Integrals: A Version Space Learning PerspectivePrade, H; Rico, A; Serrurier, M
31-Aug-2016Eliciting conditioned taste aversion in lizards: Live toxic prey are more effective than scent and taste cues aloneWard-Fear, G; Thomas, J; Webb, JK; Pearson, DJ; Shine, R
Jan-2010Elimination of slip-locking in composite beam-column analysis by using the element-free Galerkin methodErkmen, E; Bradford, MA
Jan-2008Elite tennis player sensitivity to changes in string tension and the effect on resulting ball dynamicsBower, R; Cross, RC
Jan-2007ELT and colonialismPennycook, AD; Cummins, J; Davison, C
Jan-2010ELT, Gender and International Development: Myths of Progress in a Neocolonial WorldAppleby, RJ
Jan-2006Elucidating the structure and function of S100 proteins in membranes - art. no. 603619Valenzuela, S; Berkahn, MB; Martin, DK; Huynh, T; Yang, Z; Geczy, CL; Nicolau, DV
Jan-2009Elucidation of surface driven crystallizatrion of icosahedral clustersOpletal, G; Feigl, CA; Grochola, G; Snook, IK; Russo, S
19-Feb-2009The Elusive Leisure SocietyVeal, AJ
Jan-2004An EM algorithm for estimating equationsElashoff, M; Ryan, LM