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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2017Discovering Congestion Propagation Patterns in Spatio-Temporal Traffic DataNguyen, H; Liu, W; Chen, F
Jan-2006Discovering debtor patterns of Centrelink customersZhao, Y; Cao, L; Morrow, YK; Ou, Y; Ni, J; Zhang, C; Christen, P; Kennedy, P; Li, J; Simoff, S; Williams, G
Jan-2002Discovering emergent virtual work processes in collaborative systemsSimoff, SJ; Biuk-Aghai, RP; Meersman, R; Tari, Z
Jan-2013Discovering Influential Authors in Heterogeneous Academic Networks by a Co-ranking MethodMeng, Q; Kennedy, PJ; None?
Jan-2004Discovering interesting association rules by clusteringZhao, Y; Zhang, C; Zhang, S; Webb, G; Yu, X
Jan-2007Discovering Local Cooccurring Patterns from Aerial ImagesJia, W; Tien, D; Tien, D; Shi, G; Wang, G
Jan-2013Discovering Low-Rank Shared Concept Space for Adapting Text Mining ModelsChen, B; Lam, W; Tsang, I; Wong, T
2010Discovering microstructure behavior patterns for stock market surveillanceOu, Y
2015Discovering monotonic stemness marker genes from time-series stem cell microarray data.Wang, H-W; Sun, H-J; Chang, T-Y; Lo, H-H; Cheng, W-C; Tseng, GC; Lin, C-T; Chang, S-J; Pal, N; Chung, I-F
Jan-2006Discovering Motif Pairs At Interaction Sites From Protein Sequences On A Proteome-wide ScaleLi, H; Li, J; Wong, L
1-Jan-2016Discovering Network Legitimacy in the Fitness Industry: A Case Study of REPs NZMacFarlane, J; Phelps, S; Schulenkorf, N
2013Discovering Nontrivial and Functional Behavior in Register MachinesJoseph, A
Jan-2013Discovering Semantics from Multiple Correlated Time Series StreamQiao, Z; Huang, G; He, J; Zhang, P; Guo, L; Cao, J; Zhang, Y
Mar-2014Discovering small-world in association link networks for association learningZhang, S; Luo, X; Xuan, J; Chen, X; Xu, W
15-Nov-2016Discovering structure in Islamist postings using systemic netsAlsadhan, N; Skillicorn, DB
Jan-2012Discovering Support and Affiliated Features from Very High DimensionsZhai, YZ; tan, M; Tsang, I; Ong, Y; Langford, J; Pineau, J
Jan-2006Discovering task-oriented usage pattern for web recommendationXu, G; Zhang, Y; Zhou, X; Dobbie, G; Bailey, J
Nov-2016Discovering the core semantics of event from social mediaLiu, W; Luo, X; Gong, Z; Xuan, J; Kou, NM; Xu, Z
Jan-2013Discovering unhealthiness: Evidence from cluster analysisJohar, M; Savage, EJ
Jan-2005Discovering User Access Pattern Based on Probabilistic Latent Factor ModelXu, G; Zhang, Y; Ma, J; Zhou, X; Williams, HE; Dobbie, G