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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Different responses in two strains of chickens (Gallus gallus) in a magnetic orientation testFreire, R; Munro, UH; Rogers, L; Sagasser, S; Wiltschko, R; Wiltschko, W
Apr-2011Different sound decay patterns and energy feedback in coupled volumes.Pu, H; Qiu, X; Wang, J
Jan-2005Different Spaces, Different TimesNeumark, N; Healy, S; Berryman, B; Goodman, D
Jan-2006Different Spaces, Different Times: Exploring Possibilities for Cross-Platform 'Radio'Neumark, N
Jan-2009Different types of community networksOnyx, J; Burridge, N; Baker, E; Brennan, D
Jan-2011Different Types of Intimate Partner Violence - An Exploration of the LiteratureWangmann, JM
2016Different types of intimate partner violence - What do Family Law decisions reveal?Wangmann, JM
Jan-2008Different types of intimate partner violence? A comment on the Australian Institute of Family Studies report examining allegations of famly violence in child proceedings under the Family Law ActWangmann, JM
Jan-2006Different Views of Software QualityWong, B; Duggan, E; Reichgelt, H
Jan-2012Different-Level Redundancy-Resolution And Its Equivalent Relationship Analysis For Robot Manipulators Using Gradient-Descent And Zhang Et Al.'S Neural-Dynamic MethodsCai, B; Zhang, Y
1-Aug-2016Differential Access to Price Information in Financial MarketsEasley, D; O'Hara, M; Yang, L
Jan-2009Differential accumulation of paralytic shellfish toxins from Alexandrium minutum in the pearl oyster, Pinctada imbricataMurray, SA; O'Connor, WA; Alvin, A; Mihali, TK; Kalaitzis, J; Neilan, BA
2006Differential antibody response to the NTPase of the protozoan parasite Toxoplasma gondiiJohnson, Michael
1-Jan-2014Differential capacity bounds for distributed antenna systems under low SNR conditionsHe, Y; Dutkiewicz, E; Fang, G; Shi, J
Nov-2015Differential deposition of fibronectin by asthmatic bronchial epithelial cells.Ge, Q; Zeng, Q; Tjin, G; Lau, E; Black, JL; Oliver, BGG; Burgess, JK
Apr-2016Differential DNA repair underlies mutation hotspots at active promoters in cancer genomes.Perera, D; Poulos, RC; Shah, A; Beck, D; Pimanda, JE; Wong, JWH
Jan-2008Differential effects of an intense wildfire on survival of sympatric snakesWebb, JK; Shine, R
Jan-2012Differential effects of lipids and lyso-lipids on the mechanosensitivity of MscL and MscSNomura, T; Cranfield, CG; Deplazes, E; Owen, DM; Macmillan, A; Battle, AR; Constantine, M; Sokabe, M; Martinac, B
Jan-2011Differential effects of ocean acidification on growth and photosynthesis among phylotypes of Symbiodinium (Dinophyceae)Brading, P; Warner, ME; Davey, P; Smith, DJ; Achterberg, EP; Suggett, DJ
Jan-2009Differential effects of restricted versus unlimited high-fat feeding in rats on fat mass, plasma hormones and brain appetite regulatorsShiraev, T; Chen, H; Morris, MJ