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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Estimating the cost of Emergency Department presentations in NSW. CHERE Working Paper 2014/01Reeve, RD; Haas, MR
Jan-2012Estimating the diffusion coefficient function for a diversified world stock indexIgnatieva, K; Platen, E
Jan-2014Estimating the Excess Returns to Housing at a Disaggregated Level: An Application to Sydney 2003-11Melser, D; Lee, AD
Jan-2003Estimating the intensity of buy and sell arrivals in a limit order book marketHall, AD; Hautsch, N; McCulloch, JD; -
Jan-2008Estimating the Intensity of Choice in a Dynamic Mutual Fund Allocation DecisionGoldbaum, D; Mizrach, B
Jan-2007Estimating the Number of People in Buildings Using Visual InformationChalla, S; Aboura, K; Ravikanth, K; Deshpande, S; David Kershaw
Jan-2010Estimating the Potential for Adaptation of Corals to Climate WarmingCsaszar, N; Ralph, PJ; Frankham, R; Berkelmans, R; van Oppen, MJ
Jan-2013Estimating the reliable residential water substitution from household rainwater tanksMukheibir, P; Boyle, TM; Delaney, CC; White, S
Jan-2004Estimating the Treatment Performance and OSD Characteristics of Both Proprietary and Non-Proprietary WSUD Systems at Castle Hill in SydneyBeecham, SC; Hourigan, P; Wells, J; Brisbin, S; Daniel, T
Jan-2002Estimating the uses of currency in AustraliaBajada, C
Jan-2002Estimating Welfare Effects Consistent with Forward-Looking Behavior. Part I: Lessons from a Simulation ExerciseKeane, M; Wolpin, KI
Jan-2002Estimating Welfare Effects Consistent with Forward-Looking Behavior. Part II: Empirical ResultsKeane, M; Wolpin, KI
Jan-1975The estimation and use of models with moving average disturbance terms: A surveyNicholls, D; Pagan, AR; Terrell, R
Jan-2004Estimation for discretely observed diffusions using transform functionsKelly, L; Platen, E; Sorensen, M
Jan-2011Estimation of a Preference-Based Carer Experience ScaleAl-Janabi, H; Flynn, TN; Coast, J
Jan-2011Estimation of Background Ozone Temporal Profiles using Neural NetworksWahid, HB; Ha, QP; Nguyen-Duc, H; Azzi, M; Chen, W; Li, S
2012Estimation of biochemical parameters from leaf photosynthesisChew, K; Zinder, Y; Yu, Q; Li, L; Langtry, T
Jan-2012Estimation Of Copula Models With Discrete Margins Via Bayesian Data AugmentationSmith, MS; Khaled, M
Jan-2009Estimation of Design Flood Flows Considering Climate ChangeBall, JE; Babister, KM; Phillips, B; Technical Committees, IAHR
Jan-2014Estimation of finite sequential gamesMaruyama, S