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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Efficiency Of Deterministic Entanglement TransformationDuan, R; Feng, Y; Ji, Z; Ying, M
Jan-2001Efficiency of Recombination Reactions Catalyzed by Class 1 Integron Integrase IntI1Collis, CM; Recchia, G; Kim, M; Stokes, H; Hall, RM
Jan-2008An Efficient Algorithm for Image Retrieval through Fusion of Two Clustering Approaches Based on Combined FeaturesEl Shawi, R; He, S; Irie, K; Pairman, D
Jan-2004An Efficient Algorithm for Line Extraction from Laser ScansAlempijevic, A; Dissanayake, G; Chern, C
2016Efficient algorithms and a two-stage framework for autonomous exploration of complex 3D environments using a climbing robotQuin, Phillip Daniel
Jan-2005Efficient and Highly Scalable Route Discovery for On-demand Routing Protocols in Ad hoc NetworksAbolhasan, M; Lipman, J; Hassanein, H; Waldvogel, M
Jan-2005Efficient and Highly Scalable Route Discovey for On-demand Routing Protocols in Ad hoc NetworksAbolhasan, M; Lipman, J; Abolhasan, M; Lipman, J
Jan-2012An efficient and simple under-sampling technique for imbalanced time series classificationLiang, G; Zhang, C; NA
1-Jun-2017Efficient Approach for Maximizing Lifespan in Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Mobile SinksNguyen, LV; Nguyen, HT; Le, HX
Jan-2013An Efficient Approach To Integrating Radius Information Into Multiple Kernel LearningLiu, X; Wang, L; Yin, J; Zhu, E; Zhang, J
Jan-2013An efficient approach to suggesting topically related web queries using hidden topic modelLi, L; Xu, G; Yang, Z; Dolog, P; Zhang, Y; Kitsuregawa, M
Jan-2009Efficient approximate entity extraction with edit distance constraintsWang, W; Xiao, C; Lin, X; Zhang, C; Ugur, A; Stanley, BZ; Donald, K; Nesime, T
Jan-2007Efficient Attribute Reduction Based on Discernibility MatrixXu, Z; Zhang, C; Zhang, S; Song, W; Yang, B; Jingtao, Y; Pawan, L; Wei-Zhi, W; Marcin, SS; Nick, C; Dominik, S
2016An Efficient Backoff Algorithm Based on the Theory of Confidence Interval EstimationLEI, C; BIE, H; FANG, G; MUECK, M; ZHANG, X
Jan-2009An Efficient Bayesian Framework For On-Line Action RecognitionVezzani, R; Piccardi, M; Cucchiara, R; Technical Committees, IEEE
Jan-2012Efficient Behavior Targeting Using SVM Ensemble IndexingLi, J; Zhang, P; Cao, Y; Liu, P; Guo, L; NA
Jan-2001An Efficient Branch-And-Bound Algorithm For The Two-Machine Bicriteria Flowshop Scheduling ProblemYeh, W
Jan-2012Efficient calculation of the worst-case error and (fast) component-by-component construction of higher order polynomial lattice rulesBaldeaux, JF; Dick, J; Leobacher, G; Nuyens, D; Pillichshammer, F
Jan-2010Efficient Character Segmentation on Car License PlatesZheng, L; Gao, J; He, S; Technical Committee, IEEE
Jan-2013Efficient clothing retrieval with semantic-preserving visual phrasesFu, J; Wang, J; Li, Z; Xu, M; Lu, H