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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Digital animations as a visual learning tool for Structural AnalysisSaleh, A; Gardner, AP; Kestell, DC; Grainger, DS; Cheung, PJ
Jan-2005DIGITAL ART: A brief history of the Graphical User Interface in contemporary art practice, 1994-2004Gwilt, ID; Banissi, E; Sarfraz, M; Roberts, JC; Loften, B; Ursyn, A; Burkhard, RA; Lee, A; Andrienko, G
Jan-2011Digital based media design: the innovative contribution of design graduates from vocational and higher education sectorsThompson, DG; Doloswala, NK; Toner, P
Jan-2013Digital Based Media Design: The Innovative Contribution Of Design Graduates From Vocational And Higher Education SectorsDoloswala, NK; Thompson, DG; Toner, P
Jan-2006Digital behaviors and generative musicBurraston, DM; Martin, AD
-Digital Cities, Londons FutureHaeusler, M; Terry Farrell
3-Jan-2012Digital control of bridgeless buck PFC converter in discontinuous-input- voltage-modeWang, W; Lu, DDC; Chu, GML
Jan-2007Digital Convergence and IP Divergence: Resolution of Potential IP Trade Wars and Establishment of Proper Digital Copyright PoliciesTian, G; Park, PS
2007Digital copyright & knowledge equilibrium : regional considerations for appropriate IP theory, policy and legislative paradigms in the digital eraTian, YiJun
2017Digital Decoupling and Disentangling: Towards Design for Romantic Break UpHerron, D; Moncur, W; van den Hoven, E
2010Digital dialogues : the downfall of a Prime Minister and the role of TwitterStone, DC
1-Nov-2014Digital Disruption's Impact on EducationBurdon, S; Bodrova, O
1-Feb-2015Digital engagement and the ATSILIRN protocols: indigenous Australian experiences and expertise guiding the use of social media in librariesThorpe, KA; Joseph, M
Jan-2008Digital Environment IdentiTY (DEITY) System for Online AccessAgbinya, JI; Islam, R; Kwok, C; N/A
2016Digital Ethnography as a Way to Explore Information Grounds on TwitterTalip, BA; Narayan, B; Watson, JW; Edwards, SL
Jul-2017Digital Fabrication Scoping Report 2017Matthews, LM
2006Digital identity in next generation networksHuang, X
2005Digital identity modelling and managementSubenthiran, S
1-Jan-2016The Digital Image as Topological SurfacePerin, G; Matthews, LM
Mar-2012Digital Images: Interaction and ProductionMatthews, LM; Perin, GJ; Falchuk, B; Marcos, A