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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Electrochemical and magnetic characterization of LiFePO4 and Li0.95Mg0.05FePO4 cathode materialsYao, J; Konstantinov, K; Wang, G; Liu, H
Jan-2005Electrochemical capacitance of mesoporous goldCortie, MB; Maaroof, AI; Smith, G
Jan-2011Electrochemical detection of testosterone by use of three-dimensional disc-ring microelectrode sensing platforms: application to doping monitoringLaczka, OF; Campo, FJ; Muñoz, FX; Baldrich, E
2009Electrochemical performance and local cationic distribution in layered LiNi1/2Mn1/2O2 electrodes for lithium ion batteriesLiu, H; Wang, G; Park, J; Wang, J; Liu, H; Zhang, C
Jan-2009Electrochemical performance of alpha-Fe2O3 nanorods as anode material for lithium-ion cellsLiu, H; Wang, G; Park, J; Wang, J; Liu, H; Zhang, C
2006Electrochemical performance of Co3O4-C composite anode materialsNeedham, S; Wang, G; Konstantinov, K; Tournayre, Y; Lao, Z; Liu, H
Jan-2008Electrochemical performance of LiFePO4 cathode material coated with ZrO2 nanolayerLiu, H; Wang, G; Wexler, D; Wang, JZ; Liu, H
Jan-2009Electrochemical performance of nanocrystalline SnO2-carbon nanotube composites as anode in lithium-ion cellsYao, J; Park, JS; Konstantinov, K; Wang, G; Ahn, J; Liu, HK
Jan-2009Electrochemical performance of SnPO4-coated LiNi1/3Mn1/3Co1/3O2 cathode materialsKim, HS; Kim, WS; Gu, HB; Wang, G
Jan-2005Electrochemical performance of SnSb and Sn/SnSb nanosize powders as anode materials in Li-ion cellsNeedham, SA; Wang, G; Liu, H
2013Electrochemical properties and discharge mechanism of Na/TiS2 cells with liquid electrolyte at room temperatureRyu, H; Kim, J; Park, J; Kim, K; Ahn, J; Nam, T; Wang, G; Ahn, H
2013Electrochemical properties and discharge mechanism of Na/TiS2 cells with liquid electrolyte at room temperatureAhn, H; Park, J; Ahn, J; Kim, J; Nam, T; Kim, K; Ryu, H; Wang, G
2012Electrochemical properties of all solid Li/Ni3S2 cells using polymer electrolyte based on star-shaped siloxane acrylate cross-linkerWang, Q; Yu, J; Kim, J; Kim, K; Wang, G; Ahn, J; Kang, Y; Ahn, H
Jan-2012Electrochemical properties of all solid state Li/S batteryYu, J; Park, J; Wang, Q; Ryu, H; Kim, K; Ahn, J; Kang, Y; Wang, G; Ahn, H
Jan-2013Electrochemical properties of an as-deposited LiFePO4 thin film electrode prepared by aerosol depositionKim, I; Park, J; Nam, T; Kim, K; Ahn, JH; Park, D; Ahn, C; Wang, G; Ahn, H
Jan-2005Electrochemical properties of carbon coated LiFePO4 cathode materialsWang, G; Yang, L; Bewlay, SL; Chen, Y; Liu, H; Ahn, J
Jan-2006Electrochemical properties of carbon nanotube-dispersed PEO-LiX electrolytesAhn, J; Kim, YJ; Wang, G
Jan-2010The electrochemical properties of Li/TEGDME/MoS2 cells using multi-wall carbon nanotubes as a conducting agentKwon, J; Ahn, H; Jeon, MS; Kim, KW; Ahn, IS; Ahn, J; Wang, G; Rye, HS
2011Electrochemical properties of Na/Ni3S2 cells with liquid electrolytes using various sodium saltsKim, J; Lee, S; Liu, X; Cho, G; Kim, K; Ahn, I; Ahn, J; Wang, G; Ahn, H
Jan-2006Electrochemical properties of Si thin film prepared by pulsed laser deposition for lithium ion micro-batteriesPark, MS; Wang, G; Liu, H; Dou, SX