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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001Extraversion-Introversion and 8-13 HZ Waves in Frontal Cortical RegionsTran, YH; Craig, AR; McIsaac, P
Jan-2011Extremal Thermoelastic Buckling Analysis of Fixed Slender BeamsPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Qu, W; NA
Jan-2009Extreme boldness precedes starvation mortality in six-lined trumpeter (Pelates sexlineatus)Biro, P; Booth, DJ
Jan-2013Extreme emission of N2O from tropical wetland soil (Pantanal, South America)Liengaard, L; Nielsen, LP; Revsbech, NP; Prieme, A; Elberling, B; Enrich-Prast, A; Kuhl, M
Jan-2010Extreme lymphoproliferative disease and fatal autoimmune thrombocytopenia in FasL and TRAIL double-deficient mice.Sedger, LM; Katewa, A; Pettersen, AK; Osvath, SO; Farrell, G; Stewart, G; Bendall, LJ; Alexander, SI
Jan-2012Extreme physical factors and the structure of gulf fish and reef communitiesFeary, DA; Burt, JA; Cavalcante, GH; Bauman, AG; Riegl, BM; Purkis, SJ
Jan-2013Extreme precipitation patterns and reductions of terrestrial ecosystem production across biomesZhang, Y; Moran, MS; Nearing, MA; Ponce Campos, GE; Huete, A; Buda, AR; Bosch, DD; Gunter, SA; Kitchen, SG; McNab, WH; Morgan, JA; McClaran, MP; Montoya, DS; Peters, DP; Starks, PJ
Jan-2010Extreme Programming in the UniversityJohnston, AJ; Johnson, C; Anton Ravindran
2002Extreme WearablesMcNeil, P
2006Exurban Noir Research WorkshopBurke, A; Paulos, E; Anderson, K; Williams, A
Jan-2012Eye health services for Aboriginal people in the western region of NSW, 2010Maher, LM; Brown, AM; Torvaldsen, S; Dawson, A; Patterson, JA; Lawrence, G
2005The eye of the storm : an integral perspective on sustainable development and climate change responseRiedy, Christopher
2011'An eye open in the dark' : Life story ethnography and the future of social-ecological systemsPalmer, JM
Jan-2008Eyecare in the critically ill: clinical practice guidelineElliott, R; Marshall, AP; Rolls, K; Schacht, S; Martin, B
-"eyelet" (2014), "Flump" (2009 - 2014)Titmarsh, M
Jan-2011Eyes Wide Shut: Expanding the view of portfolio managementYoung, M; Killen, CP; Young, R; Australian Institute of Project Management, AIPM
Jan-2008F-TRADE 3.0: An Agent-Based Integrated Framework for Data Mining ExperimentsMoemeng, C; Cao, L; Zhang, C; Li, Y; Pasi, G; Zhang, C; Cercone, N; Cao, L
Jan-2007F-Trade: An Agent-Mining Symbiont for Financial ServicesCao, L; Zhang, C; Michael, H; Onn, S
Jan-2014The fabric of practices: times, spaces, bodies, thingsHopwood, N; McLean, L; Stafford, L; Weeks, M
Jan-2008Fabric(ated) Ontologies: the biopolitics of smart design in clothing and jewelleryCranny-Francis, A; Guglielmino, T; Peel, M