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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Dynamic concept composition for zero-example event detectionChang, X; Yang, Y; Long, G; Zhang, C; Hauptmann, AG
Jan-1995Dynamic condensation of mass and stiffness matricesZhang, N
1-Mar-2011Dynamic control of a phase-shifted FBG through acousto-optic modulationMarques, CAF; Oliveira, RA; Pohl, AAP; Canning, J; Nogueira, RN
1-Nov-2015Dynamic crashing behavior of new extrudable multi-cell tubes with a functionally graded thicknessFang, J; Gao, Y; Sun, G; Zheng, G; Li, Q
Jan-2005Dynamic Economic Load Dispatch Using Hybrid genetic algorithm and the Method of Fuzzy Number RankingZhang, G; Lu, H; Li, G; Zhang, G; NA
Jan-2014Dynamic Environmental Fading in Urban VANETsCooper, C; Mukunthan, A; Ros, M; Franklin, DR; Abolhasan, M; Jamalipour, A; Deng, DJ
Jan-2006Dynamic equilibrium correction modelling of yen Eurobond credit spreadsPynnonen, S; Hogan, W; Batten, J; Batten, J; Fetherston, TA; Szilagyi, PG
Jan-2013A dynamic equilibrium model of the US wage structure, 1968-1996Johnson, M; Keane, M
Jan-1995A Dynamic Equivalent-circuit Model For Solid Magnetic Cores For High Switching Frequency OperationsZhu, J; Hui, SY; Ramsden, VS
Jan-2002Dynamic evaluation of conditional probabilities of winning a tennis matchClowes, S; Cohen, GL; Tomljanovic, L; Cohen, G; Langtry, T
1-Jan-2013Dynamic evaluation of the development process of knowledge-based information systemsBeydoun, G; Hoffmann, A
Oct-2011The dynamic face of respiratory research: understanding the effect of airway disease on a lung in constant motion.Chapman, DG; Brown, NJ; Salome, CM
Jan-2006Dynamic Focus Strategies for Electronic Trade Execution in Limit OrderWang, J; Zhang, C; Committee, IEEE
Jan-2005Dynamic Frequency De-Tuning Using Controllable Beam-Column Semi-Rigid ConnectionsWidjaja, JH; Samali, B; Li, J; Reizes, J; Xie, M; Mouritz, A; Khatibi, AA; Gardiner, C; Chiu, WK
Jan-2011A Dynamic Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Group Decision Support System for Manager SelectionRamezani, F; Memariani, A; Lu, J; Wang, Y; Li, T
1-Nov-2015Dynamic Green's function for a three-dimensional concentrated load in the interior of a poroelastic layered half-space using a modified stiffness matrix methodLiu, Z; Liang, J; Wu, C
1-Jul-2013Dynamic group-based differential evolution using a self-adaptive strategy for global optimization problemsHan, MF; Liao, SH; Chang, JY; Lin, CT
Jan-2012Dynamic hip screws versus proximal femoral nails for intertrochanteric fractures.Avakian, Z; Shiraev, T; Lam, L; Hope, N
2013Dynamic hypothetical bias in discrete choice experiments: Evidence from measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility on consumers demandLeon, C; Arana Padilla, J
Jan-2013Dynamic hypothetical bias in discrete choice experiments: Evidence from measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility on consumers demandLeon, CJ; Arana Padilla, JE