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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2014Expanding the Therapeutic Potential of Statins by Means of Nanotechnology Enabled Drug Delivery SystemsRomana, B; Batger, M; Prestidge, CA; Colombo, G; Sonvico, F
Jan-2007Expanding the view on Complexity within the Architecture Trade-off Analysis MethodColquitt, D; Leaney, JR; IEEE
Jan-2014Expanding user's query with tag-neighbors for effective medical information retrievalDurao, F; Bayyapu, K; Xu, G; Dolog, P; Lage, R
2-Dec-2014Expanding Wavefront Frontier Detection: An Approach for Efficiently Detecting Frontier CellsQuin, PD; Alempijevic, A; Paul, G; Liu, D; Oetomo, D; Chen, C
Jan-2011Expatriate performance management and firm internationalization: Australian multinationals in ChinaFee, AW; Mcgrath-Champ, S; Yang, X
Jan-2012The expatriate-creativity hypothesis: A longitudinal field testFee, AW; Gray, SJ
Dec-2015Expectations and experiences of older people and their carers in relation to emergency department arrival and care: A qualitative study in AustraliaStein-Parbury, J; Gallagher, R; Fry, M; Chenoweth, L; Gallagher, P
Jan-2009The expectations of two New Zealand health services of the role of clinical chairs in Nursing and Midwifery.Duke, J; McBride-Henry, K; Walsh, K; Foureur, M
2016The expected value of possession in professional rugby league match-playKempton, T; Kennedy, N; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2013Expensive Words, Cheap Images: 'Scripting' the adapted screenplayMunt, A
2005Experience and criticality: returning to Federation SquareRice, C
Jan-2005Experience and criticality: returning to Federation SquareRice, CE
Jan-2003Experience design: practising what we preach when negotiating technological and educational interdisciplinarityLeung, LT; NA
Jan-2008Experience evaluation of interactive art: study of GEO LandscapesBilda, Z; Bowman, CP; Edmonds, EA; Sade, G; Queensland, UOT; Brisbane; Pisan, Y; University, OT; Sydney
Jan-2009Experience of 1D and 2D flood modelling in Australia - a guide to model selection based on channel and floodplain characteristicsHannan, JM; Kandasamy, JK; Samuels, P; Huntington, S; Allsop, W; Harrop, J
Jan-2003The experience of a historic tourism precint: a phenomenological approachHayllar, BR; Griffin, T; Huyskens, M; Griffin, T; Harris, R
Jan-2001The Experience of Australian Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in SingaporeChan, DK; Barnwell, NS; Ngui, M; Yosida, E; Zafar, A
Jan-2008Experience of hepatitis C testing among injecting drug users in Sydney, Australia.Day, C; Thein, HH; Doab, AE; White, B; Dore, GJ; Bates, A; Holden, J; Maher, L
2008The Experience of interactive art: a curatorial studyMuller, E
19-Nov-2012The experience of lung cancer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and what it means for policy, service planning and deliveryDavidson, PM; Jiwa, M; DiGiacomo, M; McGrath, S; Newton, PJ; Durey, A; Bessarab, D; Thompson, SC