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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Nov-2016Evaluating the thermal performance of retrofitted lightweight green roofs and walls in Sydney and Rio de JaneiroWilkinson, SJ; Castiglia Feitosa, R
25-May-2017Evaluating the Thermal Performance of Retrofitted Lightweight Green Roofs and Walls in Sydney and Rio de Janeiro.Wilkinson, SJ; Castiglia Feitosa, R; Tsuyoshi Kaga, I; Hachmann de Franceschi, I
2014Evaluating the usefulness of citizen science for natural resource management in marine environmentsSbrocchi, CD
Jan-2008Evaluating the valuation of ethical featuresBurke, PF; Auger, P; Devinney, TM; Louviere, JJ; Black, I
2008Evaluating Trustworthiness from Past Performances: Interval-Based ApproachesBen-Naim, J; Prade, H
Jan-2001Evaluating university teachers in the new milleniumHolland, T; Pithers, RT; Weir, J
Jan-2005Evaluating vertical migration behaviour of harmful raphidophytes in the Delaware Inland Bays utilizing quantitative real-time PCRHandy, S; Coyne, K; Portune, K; Demir, E; Doblin, MA; Hare, CE; Cary, S; Hutchins, DA
Jan-2005Evaluating wireless technologies in mobile payments - A customer centric approachBachfischer, A; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
Jan-2011Evaluation and Comparison of Analytical Models to Determine the Bond Characteristics of Steel Fibre Reinforced Self-Compacting ConcreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S; Khrapko, M; Wallevik, O
Jan-2011Evaluation and comparison of seawater and brackish water pre-treatmentOrem, Y; Messalem, R; Ben-David, E; Herzberg, M; Kushmaro, A; Ji, X; Di Profio, G; Curcio, E; Drioli, E; Laroche, JF; Remize, P; Leparc, J; Vigneswaran, S; Chinu, KJ; Johir, MH; Lee, J; Shon, H; Kandasamy, JK; Ye, Y; Sim, LN; Herulah, B; Chen, V; Fane, AC; Tansakul, C; Laborie, S; Cabassud, C; Drioli, E; Criscuofi, A; Macedonio, F
Jan-2011Evaluation and Comparison of the Analytical Models to Determine Tensile Strength of Self-Compacting Concrete and Conventional ConcreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S; Technical Committee
Jan-2011Evaluation and Comparison of the Analytical Models to Predict Creep and Shrinkage Behavior of Self-Compacting ConcreteAslani, F; Nejadi, S; Technical Committee
Jan-2011Evaluation and Comparison of the Compressive Stress-Strain Relationships of Self-Compacting Concrete and Conventional ConcreteNejadi, S; Aslani, F; Michael, ACK; Clarke, M; Figg, L; Gettu, R; Ball, D
8-Apr-2014Evaluation and Experience in ArtCandy, L; Candy, L; Ferguson, S
Jan-2002Evaluation for Effective Web Communication: An Australian ExampleGillard, P; Cranny-Francis, A
Jan-2002An Evaluation for the Adoption of Government e-Services in AustraliaGuo, X; Lu, J; NA
2003An Evaluation Framework for Improving Knowledge-Intensive Business ProcessesSlembek, I; Min Tjoa, A; Wagner, RW
Jan-2013Evaluation Framework for Translational Research: Case Study of Australia's Get Healthy Information and Coaching ServiceĀ®O'Hara, B; Bauman, AE; Eakin, E; King, L; Haas, MR; Allman-Farinelli, MA; Owen, N; Cardona-Morrell, M; Farrell, L; Milat, AJ; Phongsavan, P
Jan-2006Evaluation in Media DiscourseBednarek, MA
8-Apr-2014Evaluation in Public Art: The Light Logic ExhibitionAlarcon-Diaz, X; Askaroff, K; Candy, L; Edmonds, EA; Faram, J; Hobson, G; Candy, L; Ferguson, S