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Jan-2013Do vicinal disulfide bridges mediate functionally important redox transformations in proteins?de Araujo, AD; Herzig, V; Windley, MJ; Dziemborowicz, SA; Mobli, M; Nicholson, GM; Alewood, PF; King, GF
1-May-2012Do Violent Social Cause Advertisements Promote Social Change? An Examination of Implicit AssociationsZlatevska, N; Spence, MT
Jan-2009Do we fully understand the critical success factors of customer satisfaction with industrial goods? - Extending Festge and Schwaiger's model to account for unobserved heterogeneitySarstedt, M; Schwaiger, M; Ringle, C
Jan-2009Do we make a difference? Gender and English language teaching in international developmentAppleby, RJ; Chen, H; Cruickshank, K
1-Feb-2014Do we need to handle every temporal violation in scientific workflow systems?Liu, X; Yang, Y; Yuan, D; Chen, J
Jan-2015Do we really need to keep redesigning β2-agonists for the management of asthma?Van Ly, D; Oliver, BG
Jan-2013Do we really understand a research topic? Finding answers through metaanalysesDevinney, TM; Tang, R; Devinney, TM; Pedersen, T; Tihanyi, L
Jan-2006Do we really understand how to retain nurses?O'Brien-Pallas, L; Duffield, CM; Hayes, LJ
8-Dec-2015Do We Ruin the Moment? Exploring the Design of Novel Capturing TechnologiesMols, I; Broekhuijsen, M; van den Hoven, E; Markopoulos, P; Eggen, B
Jan-2007Do what consumers say matter? The misalignment of preferences with unconstrained ethical intentionsAuger, P; Devinney, TM
Jan-2006Do wildlife warning reflectors elicit aversion in captive macropods?Ramp, D; Croft, DB
Jan-2013Do women and providers value the same features of contraceptive products? Results of a best-worst stated preference experimentWeisberg, E; Bateson, D; Knox, SA; Haas, MR; Viney, RC; Fiebig, DG; Street, D
Jan-2006Do workplace contracts harm labour productivity growth? A reconsideration of the macroeconomic evidence from New ZealandPerry, LJ
Jan-2008Do you know what your neighbour is doing?. A multi-jurisdictional surveyRaymond, JJ; Van Oorschot, R; Walsh, SJ; Roux, CP
Jan-2011Do You See What I See: A Project Mananger's Knowledge NightmareAlgeo, CT; -
26-Dec-2011DoA based positioning employing uniform circular arraysXu, KC; Guo, YJ; Huang, X; Dutkiewicz, E
12-Mar-2007DOA Estimation of a Wideband Signal Using a 2-D Array Antenna with Spatial Processing CapabilityUthansakul, M; Bialkowski, ME
Jan-2005Doctoral Dreams Destroyed: Does Griffith University v Tang spell the end of judicial review of Australian University decisions?Kamvounias, P; Varnham, S
Jan-2005Doctoral education in nursing: opportunities and dynamics in the marketplaceRedman, RW; Chenoweth, L
Jan-2010Doctoral experience and learning from a sociocultural perspectiveHopwood, N