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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Domestic EnvironmentsMcNeil, PK; Hetherington, M
Jan-2008Domestic Openness in Post-WTO China: Central and Local PerspectivesGuo, Y
2003Domestic Violence and Child Contact ArrangementsKaye, M; Stubbs, J; Tolmie, J
2015Domesticating the mobile phone in Kibera : how Nairobi's urban poor are integrating the mobile phone into their everyday livesMwithia, Jesica Kinya
25-Jun-2009Domesticity and Gender in the Industrial Design of Apple Computer 1977-1984 (MA thesis)Stein, JA; Golec, M
Jan-2010The dominance of family owned business groups in the Philippinesdela Rama, MJ; Gurd, B
1-Nov-2014Dominancy in stated choice surveys and impact on scale in discrete choice models.Bliemer, MCJ; Rose, J; Chorus, C
Jan-2012Dominant Ideological Modes of Rationality: Organizations as Arenas of Struggle Over Members' Categorization DevicesBaunsgaard, VV; Clegg, SR
Jan-1996Dominant Risk Factors For Retinopathy At Clinical Diagnosis In Patients With Type Ii Diabetes MellitusNguyen, HT; Luzio, S; Dolben, J; West, JM; Beck, L; Coates, P; Owens, D
Jan-2010DomSVR: Domain Boundary Prediction With Support Vector Regression From Sequence Information AloneChen, P; Liu, C; Burge, L; Li, J; Mohammad, M; Southerland, W; Gloster, C; Wang, B
1-Feb-2018Don't Blink: Monstrous Justice and the Weeping Angels of Doctor WhoCrofts, P; Peters, T; Crawley, K
Jan-2008Don't just look, listen: uncovering children's cognitive strategies during spelling-related activitiesYoung, KA
Jan-2007Don't Just Say Goodbye; it doesn't have to end this way: investigating the exit interview process within Australian organisationsJohns, RE; Singer, JL; Druker, J
Jan-2007Don't Rain on My Parade: Barriers to Ecological TourismHartley, NS; Harrison, P; Thyne, M; Deans, K; Gnoth, J
Jan-2013'Don't Write Crap': Journalism Ethics and Moral ImperativesJoseph, SA; Knight Alan
Jan-2013Donald Friend (1915-1989) 'Love Me Sailor' 1949McNeil, PK
Jan-2012Donor Age Is A Major Determinant Of Success Of Oocyte Donation/recipient ProgrammeWang, Y; Farquhar, C; Sullivan, E
Jan-2001Donor-acceptor complexes incorporating ferrocenes: spectroelectrochemical characterisation, quadratic hyperpolarisabilities and the effects of oxidising and reducing agentsMalaun, M; Kowallick, R; McDonagh, AM; Marcaccio, M; Paul, RL; Asselberghs, I; Clays, K; Persoons, A; Bildstein, B; Fiorini, C; Nunzi, J; Ward, MD; McCleverty, JA
19-Sep-2014“Don’t mention it…”: what government wants to hear and why about multicultural AustraliaJakubowicz, A
17-Mar-2014Don’t sue us for search: Google’s unnecessary safe harbour appealTian, Y