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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006A dynamic model of housing markets and housing pricesGe, J; Runeson, G; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2013A dynamic model of the cellular carbon to chlorophyll ratio applied to a batch culture and a continental shelf ecosystemBaird, ME; Ralph, PJ; Rizwi, F; Wild-Allen, K; Steven, A
Jan-2005Dynamic model of the grinding processZhang, N; Kirpitchenko, I; Liu, D
Jan-2013A dynamic model of welfare reformChan, M
Jan-2011Dynamic Modeling And Its Sliding Controller Of MR Shock Absorber Under Impact LoadHu, H; Wang, J; Qian, S; Li, Y; Shen, N; Yan, G
Jan-2005Dynamic modeling of hydraulic power steering system with variable ratio rack and pinion gearZhang, N; Wang, M
Jan-2004Dynamic modelling and applications for passenger car powertrainsCrowther, AR; Zhang, N
1-Jun-2017Dynamic modelling and simulation of a manual transmission based mild hybrid vehicleAwadallah, M; Tawadros, P; Walker, P; Zhang, N
Feb-2012Dynamic modelling of cell death during biofilm development.Fagerlind, MG; Webb, JS; Barraud, N; McDougald, D; Jansson, A; Nilsson, P; Harlén, M; Kjelleberg, S; Rice, SA
2016Dynamic modelling of cranes and concrete pumps diffusion in the construction industrySepasgozar, S; Forsythe, P; Cheng, JCP; Dawood, N; Kuang, JS
Jan-2010Dynamic Modelling of Heart Rate Response Under Different Exercise IntensitySu, SW; Chen, W; Liu, D; Fang, Y; Kuang, W; Yu, X; Guo, T; Celler, BG; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2007Dynamic modelling of wheel-terrain interaction of a UGVTran, T; Kwok, N; Scheding, S; Ha, QP; Board, E; Science, IEEEICOA; Engineering
Jan-2013Dynamic monopoly with bounded continuously distributed delayMatsumoto, A; Chiarella, C; Szidarovszky, F
Jan-2010Dynamic Multilevel Optimization of Machine Design and Control Parameters for PMSM Drive System Based on Correlation AnalysisWang, SH; Meng, XJ; Qiu, J; Zhu, J; Wang, Y; Guo, Y; Liu, D; Xu, W
Jan-2001Dynamic Oligopilies, Stability & BifurcationSzidarovszky, F; Chiarella, C
Jan-2009Dynamic oligopolies and intertemporal demand interactionChiarella, C; Szidarovsky, F
Jan-2003Dynamic oligopolies with pollution treatment cost sharingChiarella, C; Szidarovszky, F
Jan-2008Dynamic oligopolies with production adjustment costsChiarella, C; Szidarovszky, F
Jan-2004Dynamic oligopolies without full information and with continuously distributed time lagsChiarella, C; Szidarovszky, F
1-Jan-2013Dynamic optical activity and self-oscillation in torsional metamaterialsLiu, M; Powell, DA; Shadrivov, IV; Lapine, M; Kivshar, YS