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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Economic implications of passive investingWoolley, PK; Bird, R
1-Jan-2012The economic importance of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore: An extreme-scenario analysisQu, X; Meng, Q
Jan-2010Economic Load Dispatch using Differential Evolution with Double Wavelet Mutation OperationsLai, JC; Leung, FH; Ling, SS; Pilar Sobrevilla
Jan-2011Economic load dispatch using intelligent optimization with fuzzy controlLai, JC; Leung, FH; Ling, SS; Shi, EC; Chin-Teng Lin
Jan-2002Economic metaphors and working knowledge: enter the 'cogito-economic' subjectRhodes, CH; Garrick, J
Jan-2009Economic Migrants, the Banana Supply Chain, and the London Living Wage: Three Cases of Global Civil Society Activism on PovertyBerg, LA; Samson, A; Robinson, PK; Wills, J; Fiona Holland
Jan-2006An Economic Model of Software Development ApproachesLiu, L; Kong, X; Chen, J; Andrew Trekoar
Jan-2008Economic Outcomes of Female Immigrant EntrepreneurshipLow, AG
Jan-2010The economic plausibility of strict local Martingales in financial modellingHulley, H; Chiarella, C; Novikov, A
Jan-2010Economic pluralism and skill formation: Adding value to students, economies, and societiesO'Donnell, R; Garnett, R; Olsen, EK; Starr, M
Jan-2006Economic reform in Cuba and ChinaHearn, AH; Mauricio Font, M; Larson, SE
Jan-2012Economic reforms in the Chinese construction industry - cost management implicationsSmith, PV; Ding, GK; -
Jan-2001Economic Restructuring and Gentrification in the Inner CityMorris, A; Bounds, M
2004Economic significance of the predictable movements in futures returnsMiffre, J
Jan-2006Economic valuation of informal care Lessons from the application of the opportunity costs and proxy good methodsVan den Berg, B; Brouwer, W; Vanexel, J; Koopmanschap, M; Vandenbos, G; Rutten, F
Jan-2005Economic valuation of informal care: The conjoint measurement method applied to informal caregivingVan, DBB; Al, M; Brouwer, W; Van, EJ; Koopmanschap, M
Jan-2006The economic value of Community Legal CentresEdgerton, N; Partridge, EY
1-Jan-2014The Economic Value of Human Relationships: Cattanach v Melchior RevisitedKarpin, IA; Douglas, H; Bartlett, F; Luker, T; Hunter, R
Jan-2005The economic value of informal care: a study of informal caregivers' and patients' willingness to pay and willingness to accept for informal careVan den Berg, B; Bleichrodt, H; Eeckhoudt, L
1-Jan-2017Economic, social and environmental impacts of fuel subsidies: A revisit of MalaysiaLi, Y; Shi, X; Su, B