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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Efficient Super-Resolution by Finer Sub-Pixel Motion Prediction and Bilateral FilteringMudugamuwa, DJ; He, S; Jia, W; Zhang, J; n Schonfeld, D; Feng, DD
30-Aug-2012Efficient synthesis of 1-D fabry-perot antennas with low sidelobe levelsGarcia-Vigueras, M; Gomez-Tornero, JL; Goussetis, G; Weily, AR; Guo, YJ
2013Efficient techniques for cost-sensitive learning with multiple cost considerationsWang, T
May-2017Efficient Tensor Completion for Color Image and Video Recovery: Low-Rank Tensor Train.Bengua, JA; Phien, HN; Tuan, HD; Do, MN
-Efficient tensor completion: Low-rank tensor trainPhien, HN; Tuan, HD; Bengua, JA; Do, MN
2009Efficient Time-Domain Ray-Tracing Technique for the Analysis of Ultra-Wideband Indoor Environments including Lossy Materials and Multiple EffectsSaez de Adana, F; GutiƩrrez, O; Navarro, MA; Mohan, AS
May-2014Efficient top-k similarity join processing over multi-valued objectsZhang, W; Zhan, L; Zhang, Y; Cheema, MA; Lin, X
Jan-2009An efficient trajectory planning approach for autonomous robots in complex bridge environmentsTo, AW; Paul, G; Kwok, N; Liu, D
1-Jan-2013An efficient two-step CPML for 3-D LOD-FDTDRana, MM; Mohan, AS; Chung, KL
Jan-2004Efficient Video Object Classifier using Locality-Enhanced Support Vector MachinesJan, T; Tsai, PC; Piccardi, M; Hintz, TB; Souds
2009Efficient Web Usage Mining Process for Sequential PatternsNguyen, TTS; Kotsis, G.; Taniar, D.; Pardede, E.; & Khalil, I.
1-Jul-2017An efficient Wikipedia semantic matching approach to text document classificationWu, Z; Zhu, H; Li, G; Cui, Z; Huang, H; Li, J; Chen, E; Xu, G
1-Jun-2013An efficient, broad bandwidth, high directivity, electrically small antennaZiolkowski, RW; Tang, MC; Zhu, N
17-Jan-2017Efficient, electrically small metamaterial-inspired antennas with high directivityTang, MC; Ziolkowski, RW
10-May-2013Efficient, high directivity, large front-to-back-ratio, electrically small, near-field-resonant-parasitic antennaTang, MC; Ziolkowski, RW
Jan-2013Efficiently Computing k-Edge Connected Components via Graph DecompositionChang, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Liu, C; Liang, W; Ross, KA; Srivastava, D; Papadias, D
2015Efficiently Computing Top-K Shortest Path JoinChang, L; Lin, X; Qin, L; Yu, JX; Pei, J
2014Efficiently identify local frequent keyword co-occurrence patterns in geo-tagged Twitter streamWang, X; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Lin, X
Jan-2011Efficiently Learning a Detection Cascade with Sparse EigenvectorsShen, C; Paisitkriangkrai, S; Zhang, J
Jan-2013Efficiently Mining Top-K High Utility Sequential PatternsYin, J; Zheng, Z; Cao, L; Song, Y; Wei, W; Xiong, H; Karypis, G; Thuraisingham, BM; Cook, DJ; Wu, X