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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Facial behavior as behavior biometric? an empirical studyTsai, PC; Hintz, TB; Jan, T; N/A
2011Facial Expression Recognition on Hexagonal Structure Using LBP-Based Histogram VariancesWang, L; He, X; Du, R; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yeh, W; Kuo-Tien Lee; Wen-Hsiang Tsai; Hong-Yuan Mark Liao; Tsuhan Chen; Jun-Wei Hsieh; Chien-Cheng Tseng
Jan-2011Facial Expression Recognition on Hexagonal Structure Using LBP-Based Histogram VariancesWang, L; He, S; Du, R; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yeh, W; al, LHYME
Jan-2009Facial Expression Recognition Using Histogram Variances FacesDu, R; Wu, Q; He, S; Jia, W; Wei, D; Michael, D
16-Dec-2015Facial expression recognition with emotion-based feature fusionTuran, C; Lam, KM; He, XS
21-Jul-2016Facial Feature Extraction and Recognition for Traditional Chinese PhysiognomyLiu, Y; Huang, M; Liang, J; Huang, W
2016Facial impacts to crashed motorcyclists and full-face helmet protectionWhyte, Thomas Christopher
Jan-2012Facial Muscle Activity Patterns for Recognition of Utterances in Native and Foreign Language: Testing for its Reliability and FlexibilityArjunan, SP; Kumar, DK; Weghorn, H; Naik, G; Mago, VK; Bhatia, N
Jan-2010Facile and Stereoselective Synthesis of (Z)-15-Octadecenoic Acid and (Z)-16-Nonadecenoic Acid: Monounsaturated Omega-3 Fatty AcidsRawling, T; Duke, C; Cui, P; Murray, M
Jan-2013Facile chemical synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene sheets and their electrochemical capacitanceDu, X; Zhou, C; Liu, H; Mai, Y; Wang, G
Jul-2015Facile Self-Assembly of Quantum Plasmonic Circuit Components.Tran, TT; Fang, J; Zhang, H; Rath, P; Bray, K; Sandstrom, RG; Shimoni, O; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
Jan-2010A facile single-source approach to urchin-like NiS nanostructuresShen, X; Sun, J; Wang, G; Park, J; Chen, K
Jan-2008Facile Synthesis and Characterization of Gallium Oxide (-Ga2O3) 1D Nanostructures: Nanowires, Nanoribbons, and NanosheetsWang, G; Park, J; Kong, X; Wilson, PR; Chen, Z; Ahn, J
Jan-2008Facile synthesis and characterization of Graphene nanosheetsWang, G; Yang, J; Park, J; Gou, X; Wang, B; Liu, H; Yao, J
Jan-2008Facile synthesis and characterization of iron oxide semiconductor nanowires for gas sensing applicationWang, G; Gou, X; Horvat, J; Park, J
Jan-2012Facile Synthesis And Immobilization Of Ag-tio2 Nanoparticles On Electrospun Pu Nanofibers By Polyol Technique And Simple ImmersionAmarjargal, A; Tijing, LD; Ruelo, M; Lee, D; Kim, C
Jan-2013Facile Synthesis of Ge@C Core-Shell Nanocomposites for High-PerformanceWang, Y; Wang, G
2009Facile synthesis of tin oxide nanofibresAhn, J; Wang, G; Kim, Y
Jan-2010Faciliating writing from sources: A focus on both process and productDovey, T
Jan-2012Facilitated action research: enhancing the teaching of classroom dramaPerry, RM