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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Genetic significance of fluid inclusions in the CSA Cu-Pb-Zn deposit Cobar AustraliaGiles, A; Marshall, B
Jan-2010Genetic switch to hypervirulence impairs colonization phenotypes of the globally disseminated Group A Streptococcus M1T1 cloneHollands, A; Pence, MA; Timmer, AM; Osvath, SR; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB; Walker, MJ; Nizet, V
Jan-2006Genetic Technologies and the Regulation of Reproductive Decision-Making in AustraliaKarpin, IA; Bennett, B
Jun-2015Genetic variants of SLC11A1 are associated with both autoimmune and infectious diseases: systematic review and meta-analysis.Archer, NS; Nassif, NT; O'Brien, BA
Jan-2004Genetic variation among age-classes of the mangrove Avicennia marina in clean and contaminated sedimentsMelville, FR; Burchett, M; Pulkownik, A
Jan-2002Genetic variation in Avicennia marina in three estuariesMelville, FR; Burchett, M
Jan-2005Genetics and the Legal Conception of SelfKarpin, IA; Shildrick, M; Mykitiuk, R
Jan-2013Genio E Ambiente Nel Secondo Futurismo Fiorentino: Sam Dunn E` Morto Di Bruno Corra (Genius and environment in the second florentine futurism: Bruno Corra's Sam Dunn is dead).De Vincenti, G
Jan-2010The genius and the labourer: authorship in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century copyright lawAlexander, IJ; Bently, L; Davis, J; Ginsburg, J
Jan-2011Genocide and Restitution: Ensuring Each Group's Contribution to HumanityVrdoljak, A
6-Jul-2012Genocide Perspectives IVTatz, C
Jan-2002Genocide: the distance between law and life.Behrendt, LY
Jan-2014The genome of Clostridium difficile 5.3Darling, AE; Worden, PJ; Chapman, T; Roy Chowdhury, P; Charles, IG; Djordjevic, SP
Jan-2009The genome sequence of the psychrophilic archaeon, Methanococcoides burtonii: the role of genome evolution in cold adaptationAllen, M; Lauro, FM; Williams, TJ; Burg, D; Siddiqui, KS; De Francisci, D; Chong, K; Pilak, O; Chew, HH; DeMaere, MZ; Ting, L; Katrib, M; Ng, C; Sowers, KR; Galperin, MY; Anderson, IJ; Ivanova, N; Dalin, E; Martinez, M; Lapidus, A; Hauser, L; Land, M; Thomas, T; Cavicchioli, R
Jan-2011Genome wide gene expression in artificially synthesized amphidiploids of ArabidopsisFujimoto, R; Taylor, J; Sasaki, T; Kawanabe, T; Dennis, ES
Jan-2011Genome-Wide Association Study Using Extreme Truncate Selection Identifies Novel Genes Affecting Bone Mineral Density And Fracture RiskDuncan, E; Danoy, P; Kemp, J; Leo, P; Mccloskey, E; Nicholson, G; Eastell, R; Prince, R; Eisman, J; Jones, G; Sambrook, P; Reid, I; Dennison, E; Wark, J; Richards, J; Uitterlinden, A; Spector, T; Esapa, C; Cox, R; Brown, S; Thakker, R; Addison, KA; Bradbury, LA; Center, J; Cooper, C; Cremin, C; Estrada, K; Felsenberg, D; Gluer, C; Hadler, J; Henry, MJ; Hofman, A; Kotowicz, MA; Makovey, J; Nguyen, SC; Nguyen, T; Pasco, JA; Pryce, K; Reid, DM; Rivadeneira, F; Roux, C; Stefansson, K; Styrkarsdottir, U; Thorleifsson, G; Tichawangana, R; Evans, DM; Brown, MA
21-Sep-2015Genome-wide cataloging and analysis of alternatively spliced genes in cereal cropsMin, XJ; Powell, B; Braessler, J; Meinken, J; Yu, F; Sablok, G
Jan-2006Genome-wide Detection And Analysis Of Homologous Recombination Among Sequenced Strains Of Escherichia ColiMau, B; Glasner, J; Darling, AE; Perna, N
Jan-2006Genome-wide detection and analysis of homologous recombination among sequenced strains of Escherichia coli.Mau, B; Glasner, JD; Darling, AE; Perna, NT
Apr-2013Genome-Wide Landscape of Alternative Splicing Events in Brachypodium distachyonWalters, B; Lum, G; Sablok, G; Min, XJ