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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Ab initio study of benzene adsorption on the Cu(110) surface and simulation of STM imagesRogers, BL; Shapter, J; Ford, M
2016The (Ab)Uses of Music EcologyKeogh, BG
Jan-2005The ABACUS Architectural Approach to Computer-Based System and Enterprise EvolutionDunsire, K; O'Neill, T; Denford, M; Leaney, JR; IEEE
Jan-2006The ABC and the 2006 federal media reformsJacka, L
May-2014The ABC of PayntingTitmarsh, M
2009ABC transport proteins and drug resistance in nematodesJames, CE
Jan-2004The ABC transporter structure and mechanism: perspectives on recent researchJones, PM; George, AM
Jan-2009ABC transporters: A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigmaJones, PM; O'Mara, M; George, AM
2015ABC-Sampling for balancing imbalanced datasets based on Artificial Bee Colony algorithmBraytee, A; Hussain, F; Anaissi, A; Kennedy, PJ
Jan-2012ABCB1 (p-glycoprotein) Reduces Bacterial Attachment To Human Gastrointestinal Ls174t Epithelial CellsCrowe, A; Bebawy, M
Jan-2008Abdicating choice: The Rewards of Letting GoLeong, T; Vetere, F; Howard, S
Jan-2005Abel inversion of axially-symmetric shock wave flowsHouwing, F; Takayama, K; Zhang, Z; Hashimoto, T; Koremoto, K; Mitobe, H; Gaston, MJ
Jan-2012Ability to 'explain in plain english' linked to proficiency in computer-based programming.Murphy, L; Fitzgerald, S; Lister, RF; McCauley, R; Clear, A; Sanders, K; Simon, B
Jan-2006The ability to articulate strategy as a predictor of programming skillssimon, S; Cutts, QI; Fincher, S; Haden, P; Robins, A; Sutton, K; Baker, B; Box, I; de, RM; Hamer, J; Hamilton, M; Lister, RF; Petre, M; Tolhurst, D; Tutty, J
20-Apr-2016Ability to home in small site-attached coral reef fishesBooth, DJ
2009Ability, location and household demand for Internet bandwidthSavage, S; Waldman, D
Jan-2012Abject Citizens: Italian 'nomad Emergencies' And The Deportability Of Romanian RomaHepworth, K
Jan-2005Abject mothers: Women separated from their babies lost to adoptionFarrar, PD; Gustafson, DL
2017Ableism and Disableism in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry: A Thematic a AnalysisDarcy, S
Jan-2009ABMS: Agent-based Modeling and Simulation in Web Service SelectionAl-Sharawneh, JA; Williams, M; Committee, EO