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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Sep-2015Face hallucination based on Nonparametric Bayesian learningLi, M; Xu, YD; He, XJ
Jan-2012Face image recognition based on time series motif discoveryChi, L; Feng, Y; Chi, H; Huang, Y; NA
Jan-2012Face Recognition Based on Modified LBPZhang, Z; He, S; Xiangjian He
Jan-2005Face Recognition Programming on Mobile HandsetsDa Silva, S; Agbinya, JI; N/A
Jan-2009Face Recognition Using Message Passing Based Clustering MethodDu, C; Yang, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, TT
Jan-2010Face recognition with adaptive local hyperplane algorithmYang, T; Kecman, V
Jan-2012Face Sketch-photo Synthesis And Retrieval Using Sparse RepresentationGao, X; Wang, N; Tao, D; Li, X
Jan-2011Face Subspace LearningBian, W; Tao, D; Li, SZ; Jain, AK
Jan-2006Face to Face: Place and PoetryHarrison, M
Jan-2007Face Values and Managerial Practice Preference in ChinaWang, KY; Fang, Y; Teo, ST; Rose, E; Fisher, G
Jan-2009Face values on trust in loyalty and empowerment: A study of managers in China's public sectorWang, KY; Fang, Y; Beaumont, N
10-Aug-2016The face-space duality hypothesis: a computational modelVitale, J; Williams, M-A; Johnston, B; Papafragou, A; Grodner, D; Mirman, D; Trueswell, J
-FacetsBongers, B; Michael Day
-Facets of Expanded Architecture: Interactivating the CarriageWorks BuildingBongers, B; Stickels, L; Breen Lovett, S
Jan-2013FACETS: A Cognitive Business Intelligence SystemNiu, L; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Wu, D
Jan-2007Facial behavior as behavior biometric? an empirical studyTsai, PC; Hintz, TB; Jan, T; N/A
2011Facial Expression Recognition on Hexagonal Structure Using LBP-Based Histogram VariancesWang, L; He, X; Du, R; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yeh, W; Kuo-Tien Lee; Wen-Hsiang Tsai; Hong-Yuan Mark Liao; Tsuhan Chen; Jun-Wei Hsieh; Chien-Cheng Tseng
Jan-2011Facial Expression Recognition on Hexagonal Structure Using LBP-Based Histogram VariancesWang, L; He, S; Du, R; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Yeh, W; al, LHYME
Jan-2009Facial Expression Recognition Using Histogram Variances FacesDu, R; Wu, Q; He, S; Jia, W; Wei, D; Michael, D
16-Dec-2015Facial expression recognition with emotion-based feature fusionTuran, C; Lam, KM; He, XS