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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Efflorescence: the letters of Georgiana MolloyWhite, J
Jan-2006Effluent organic matter (EfOM) in wastewater Constituents, effects, and treatmentShon, H; Vigneswaran, S; Snyder, S
Jan-2012Effluent Organic Matter Removal By Purolite (R) A500PS: Experimental Performance And Mathematical ModelAhmad, R; Nguyen, V; Shim, WG; Vigneswaran, S; Moon, H; Kandasamy, JK
1-Jan-2014Effluent organic matter removal from reverse osmosis feed by granular activated carbon and purolite A502PS fluidized bedsShanmuganathan, S; Nguyen, TV; Shim, WG; Kandasamy, J; Listowski, A; Vigneswaran, S
Jan-2002Efflux of chloramphenicol by the Cm1A1 proteinGeorge, AM; Hall, RM
Jan-2012An Efïf cient and Simple Under-sampling Technique for Imbalanced Time Series Classifi cationLiang, G; Zhang, C; Chen, X; Lebanon, G; Wang, H; Zaki, MJ; Gatterbauer, W
May-2012Egg donation for stem cell research: ideas of surplus and deficit in Australian IVF patients' and reproductive donors' accounts.Waldby, C; Carroll, K
Dec-2016eHealth Intervention for Problematic Internet Use (PIU).Lam, LT; Lam, MK
Jan-2000Eigenvalue problems for doubly periodic elastic structures and phononic band gapsPoulton, CG; Movchan, AB; McPhedran, RC; Nicorovici, NA; Antipov, Y
Jan-2011The Eight Pillars of WOM Management: Lessons from a multiple case studyWilliams, M; Buttle, F
2013Eight rockets : a novel and Stepping back from the rail : watching and writing eight rockets : an exegesisDyer, DL
7-Nov-2011Eight solutions of the essential matrix for continuous camera motion tracking in video augmented realityLing, L; Cheng, E; Burnett, IS
Jan-2008Eight years of computing education papers at NACCQSimon, S; Sheard, J; Carbone, A; de Raadt, M; Hamilton, M; Lister, RF; Thompson, E; Mann, S; Lopez, M
21-Jan-2016Eighteenth century Yersinia pestis genomes reveal the long-term persistence of an historical plague focus.Bos, KI; Herbig, A; Sahl, J; Waglechner, N; Fourment, M; Forrest, SA; Klunk, J; Schuenemann, VJ; Poinar, D; Kuch, M; Golding, GB; Dutour, O; Keim, P; Wagner, DM; Holmes, EC; Krause, J; Poinar, HN
2009Eighteenth-century FashionMcNeil, P; McNeil, Peter
Jan-2004Eimeria maxima TRAP family protein EmTFP250: subcellular localisation and induction of immune responses by immunisation with a recombinant C-terminal derivativeWitcombe, DM; Ferguson, DJ; Belli, SI; Wallach, M; Smith, NC
Jan-2012Eimeripain, a Cathepsin B-Like Cysteine Protease, Expressed throughout Sporulation of the Apicomplexan Parasite Eimeria tenellaRieux, A; Gras, S; Lecaille, F; Niepceron, A; Katrib, M; Smith, NC; Lalmanach, G; Brossier, F
Jan-2013El modernismo, Rubén Darío y la construcción de un campo autónomo de la literatura en AméricaBrowitt, J; Roig, DS
2014El Pueblo Espanol. Laboratory for Barcelona's future past.Grau, U
Jan-2007El regimen juridico de la immigracion en AustraliaRubenstein, K; Burn, JM; Murgadas, A; Enric