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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Evaluation of waste perlite fines in the production of construction materialsRay, AS; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Guerbois, JL; Thomas, P; Border, SN; Ray, H; Haggman, J; Joyce, P
2006Evaluation of Web applications through simulation of Web designsPeixoto, PAF
Jan-2012Evaluation on Multivariate Correlation Analysis Based Denial-of-Service Attack Detection SystemTan, T; Jamdagni, A; Nanda, P; He, S; Liu, R; Kahn, B; Minsky, M; Dyson, E
22-Dec-2016Evaluation Protocol: Netball to promote physical and mental health in Samoa and TongaRichards, J; Sherry, E; Philpott, O; Keane, L; Schulenkorf, N; Bauman, A
1-Feb-2017Evaluation Set Size and Purchase: Evidence from a Product Search EngineChoudhary, V; Currim, I; Dewan, S; Jeliazkov, I; Mintz, O; Turner, J
15-Jan-2017Evaluation stasis continues in PR and corporate communication: Asia Pacific insights into causesMacnamara, JR; Zerfass, A
23-Jun-2014Evaluations of BIM: Frameworks and perspectivesNepal, M; Jupp, JR; Aibinu, A
2016Evaluations of post-disaster recovery: A review of practice materialRyan, R; Wortley, L; Ní Shé, É
2015EVALUATOR: An Automated Tool for Service SelectionBano, M; Zowghi, D; Liu, L; Aoyama, M
Jan-2009Evanescent-Field Spectroscopy Using Structured Optical Fibers: Detection Of Charge-Transfer At The Porphyrin-Silica InterfaceMartelli, C; Canning, J; Reimers, JR; Sintic, M; Stocks, D; Khoury, T; Crossley, M
Jan-2002Evaporation from the grapevine canopy and soil surfacesYunusa, IA; Walker, RR; Gibberd, MR
Jan-2004Evapotranspiration components from energy balance, sapflow and microlysimetry techniques from an irrigated vineyard in inland AustraliaYunusa, IA; Walker, RR; Lu, P
Jan-2000Evapotranspiration From Eucalypt Open-Forest Savanna Of Northern AustraliaHutley, LB; O'Grady, AP; Eamus, D
Jan-2005Evapotranspiration on western U.S. rivers estimated using the Enhanced Vegetation Index from MODIS and data from eddy covariance and Bowen ratio flux towersNagler, PL; Scott, RL; Westenburg, C; Cleverly, JR; Glenn, E; Huete, A
Jul-2016Evapotranspiration partitioning, stomatal conductance, and components of the water balance: A special case of a desert ecosystem in ChinaZhao, W; Liu, B; Chang, X; Yang, Q; Yang, Y; Liu, Z; Cleverly, J; Eamus, D
30-Jun-2017Evapotranspiration seasonality across the Amazon BasinMaeda, EE; Ma, X; Wagner, FH; Kim, H; Oki, T; Eamus, D; Huete, A
30-Jun-2017Evapotranspiration seasonality across the Amazon basinMaeda, E; Ma, X; Wagner, F; Kim, H; Oki, T; Eamus, D; Huete, A
-Eve (Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award)Goodrum, A; NA
Jan-2002Even smarter bodies? Increasing the somatic literacy of PDHPE teachersFaire, RJ
1-Jan-2012Even- and odd-mode analysis of thick and wide transverse slot in waveguides based on a variational methodWenzhi, W; Sheng, Y; Xianling, L; Ronghong, J; Bird, TS; Guo, YJ; Junping, G