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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Empowering Scientific Literacy Through Digital Literacy and MultiliteraciesNg, W
Jan-2014Empowering the registered nurses of tomorrow: Student's perspectives of a simulation experience for recognising and managing a deteriorating patientKelly, MA; Forber, J; Conlon, LS; Roche, MA; Stasa, H
1-Jul-2013Empowering underachieving adolescents: an emancipatory learning perspective on underachievementRen, K; Deakin Crick, R
Jan-2004Emptiness in organisation theoryBubna-Litic, DC; Higgins, W; Westwood, R; Bubna-Litic, D; Wolfram Cox, J
Jan-2005Emptor Australis: Constructing the Australian Consumer in Early Twentieth Century Advertising LiteratureCrawford, R
Mar-2014The emu sky knowledge of the Kamilaroi and Euahlayi PeoplesFuller, R; Anderson, M; Norris, R; Trudgett, M
Jan-2008"En hibrida mezcolanza": Exile and Anxiety in Alirio Diaz Guerra's Lucas GuevaraBrowitt, J; Allatson, P; McCormack, J
Jan-2005En híbrida mezcolanza: Exile and Cultural Anxiety in Alirio Díaz Guerra's Lucas GuevaraBrowitt, J
Jan-2006En la noche herida por el rayoWallen, LP; Carlos, J; Menchero, J
2011En masse.Fethers, Thomas.
27-Jun-2016En ny historie om guld og svovlReimers, JR; Chi, Q; Ford, MJ; Halder, A; Hush, NS; Ulstrup, J; Zhang, J
Jan-2006En Quittant GulagaMuecke, S
-En ResidenciaRees, M; Anderson, B
1-Jan-2014An enabling BIM block library: An online repository to facilitate social inclusion in AustraliaBridge, C; Carnemolla, P
Jan-2006Enabling change for corporate sustainability: an integrated perspectiveBenn, SH; Dunphy, DC; Griffiths, AB
2014Enabling concentrating solar power in Australia : an investigation of the benefits and potential role of concentrating solar power and non-conventional fuel hybrid plants in Australia's transition to a low-carbon energy futurePeterseim, JHM
1-Apr-2016Enabling Decision Trend Analysis with Interactive Scatter Plot Matrices VisualizationWang, W; Huang, M; Nguyen, Q; Huang, T; Zhang, K; Huang, T
Jan-2013Enabling Design and Development of Wireless BANs using 802.15xSzymanski, J; Chaczko, ZC; Rodanski, B; Jablonski, A
2005Enabling Dissemination of Meta information in the Usenet FrameworkLueg, CP
Jan-2011Enabling fast lazy learning for data streamsZhang, P; Gao, BJ; Zhu, X; Guo, L; NA