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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Factors of trust that influence trust worthiness in peer-to-peer (P2P) based e-commerceHussain, FK; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Lee, RY; Fang, C
Jan-2008Factors Supporting Self-Management in Parkinson's Disease: Implications for Nursing PracticeChenoweth, L; Gallagher, RD; Sheriff, JN; Donoghue, JM; Stein-Parbury, J
2010Factors that contribute to midwives staying in midwifery : a study in one Area Health Service in NSWSullivan, KJ
Jan-2011Factors That Contribute To Midwives Staying In Midwifery: A Study In One Area Health Service In New South Wales, AustraliaSullivan, KJ; Lock, L; Homer, CS
Jan-2011Factors that differentiate acceleration ability in field sport athletesLockie, RG; Murphy, AJ; Knight, TJ; Janse, DJXA
Jan-2008Factors That Impact Learning Outcomes in Both Simulation and Remote LaboratoriesBright, C; Lindsay, E; Lowe, DB; Murray, SJ; Liu, D; Luca, J; Weippl, ER
Jan-2006Factors that influence community participation in the organisation of rural community eventsReid, S; Papageorgiou, G
Sep-2015Factors that influence mother–child reunification for mothers with a history of substance use: A systematic review of the evidence to inform policy and practice in AustraliaDoab, A; Fowler, C; Dawson, A
Jan-2013Factors That May Influence Midwives Work-related Stress And BurnoutMollart, L; Skinner, V; Newing, C; Foureur, M
2011Factors to drive clinical practice improvement in a Malaysian intensive care unit: assessment of organizational readiness using a mixed method approachSoh, KL; Davidson, PM; Leslie, G; DiGiacomo, M; Rolley, JX; Soh, K; Rahman, A
Jan-2011Factors Which Enhance Or Inhibit Social Support: A Mixed-Methods Analysis Of Social Networks In Older WomenMcLaughlin, D; Adams, J; Vagenas, D; Dobson, A
2013Factory as studio : a case study exploring critical issues and situated responses arising from artist residencies with manufacturing organisation communitiesGavan, JM
Jan-2001Facts versus stories: the Sydney Morning Herald's journey from objective to interpretive reportingMcKnight, DC
1990Faculty of Architecture and Building Handbook - 1990University of Technology Sydney
1990Faculty of Design Handbook - 1990University of Technology Sydney
1991Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building Handbook - 1991University of Technology Sydney
1992Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building Handbook - 1992University of Technology Sydney
1993Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building Handbook - 1993University of Technology Sydney
1994Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building Handbook - 1994University of Technology Sydney
1995Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building Handbook - 1995University of Technology Sydney