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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Economic evaluation of stormwater harvesting - A case studyHagare, D; Hagare, P; Borg, M
Jan-2009Economic evaluation of Tandem Mass Spectrometry Newborn Screening in AustraliaNorman, R; Haas, MR; Chaplin, M; Joy, P; Wilcken, B
2006An economic evaluation of varicella vaccination in Italian adolescentsThiry, N; Beutels, P; Tancredi, F; Romana, L; Zanetti, A; Bonanni, P; Gabutti, G; Van Damme, P
Jan-2007Economic evidence at the local level: Options for making it more usefulVan Gool, K; Gallego, G; Haas, MR; Viney, RC; Hall, JP; Ward, R
1-Jan-2014Economic growth, regional disparities and energy demand in ChinaSheng, Y; Shi, X; Zhang, D
1-Sep-2016An Economic Impact Analysis of Local Generation Network Credits in New South WalesKelly, S; Rutovitz, J; Langham, E; McIntosh, L
8-Feb-2016The Economic Impact of Architecture to TourismScerri, M; Edwards, D; Foley, C; Scerri, M; Hui, L
Jan-2009The Economic Impact Of Assisted Reproductive Technology: A Review Of Selected Developed CountriesChambers, G; Sullivan, E; Ishihara, O; Chapman, M; Adamson, G
2017The economic impact of childhood developmental language disorderCronin, Paula Anne
14-Jan-2018Economic impact of medication nonadherence by disease groups: a systematic reviewCutler, R; Fernandez-Llimos, F; Frommer, M; Benrimoj, SI; Garcia Cardenas, MV
May-2005Economic Impact of the London 2012 OlympicsBlake, A
Oct-2006Economic impact study of the melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Post-event AnalysisOffice of Commonwealth Games Coordination
Jan-2003Economic implications of passive investingWoolley, PK; Bird, R
1-Jan-2012The economic importance of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore: An extreme-scenario analysisQu, X; Meng, Q
Jan-2010Economic Load Dispatch using Differential Evolution with Double Wavelet Mutation OperationsLai, JC; Leung, FH; Ling, SS; Pilar Sobrevilla
Jan-2011Economic load dispatch using intelligent optimization with fuzzy controlLai, JC; Leung, FH; Ling, SS; Shi, EC; Chin-Teng Lin
Jan-2002Economic metaphors and working knowledge: enter the 'cogito-economic' subjectRhodes, CH; Garrick, J
Jan-2009Economic Migrants, the Banana Supply Chain, and the London Living Wage: Three Cases of Global Civil Society Activism on PovertyBerg, LA; Samson, A; Robinson, PK; Wills, J; Fiona Holland
Dec-2017An economic model of advance care planning in Australia: a cost-effective way to respect patient choice.Nguyen, K-H; Sellars, M; Agar, M; Kurrle, S; Kelly, A; Comans, T
Jan-2006An Economic Model of Software Development ApproachesLiu, L; Kong, X; Chen, J; Andrew Trekoar