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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2015Family farming as a practice: re-evaluating supporting narratives for a sustainable future in marginal areasLorber-Kasunic, J
2015Family focused approach to improve heart failure care in lebanon quality (FAMILY) intervention : a randomized controlled trialDeek, Hiba Al Rahman
Sep-2015Family Involvement in the Care of Hospitalized Elderly PatientsNayeri, ND; Gholizadeh, L; Mohammadi, E; Yazdi, K
Jan-2006Family Law in Australia 6th editionMonahan, GI; Young, L
Jan-2001Family of class 1 integrons related to In4 from Tn1696Partridge, SR; Recchia, G; Stokes, H; Hall, RM
Jan-2011A Family of Helminth Molecules that Modulate Innate Cell Responses via Molecular Mimicry of Host Antimicrobial PeptidesRobinson, MW; Donnelly, SM; Hutchinson, AT; To, J; Taylor, NL; Norton, RS; Perugini, M; Dalton, JP
Jan-2011A Family of Simple Non-Parametric Kernel Learning AlgorithmsZhuang, J; Tsang, I; Hoi, SC
Jan-2008The Family Responsibilities Commission Act 2008 (Qld): Cause For ConcernWatson, N
Jan-2009Family Violence, Help-Seeking & the Close-Knit Aboriginal Community: Lessons for Mainstream Service ProvisionCarlson, B; Farrelly, T
Jan-2012Family-Owned Asian Business Groups and Corporate Governancedela Rama, MJ; Clarke, T; Branson, D
Jan-2009FAML: a generic metamodel for MAS developmentGhassan, B; Low, GC; Henderson-Sellers, B; Mouratidis, H; Gomez-Sanz, J; Pavon, J; Gonzalez-Perez, C
Jan-2006Fano resonances of photonic cyrstal slabsByrne, MA; Botten, LC; Asatryan, AA; Nicorovici, NA; Norton, AH; McPhedran, RC; de Sterke, CM; Lowery, A
Jan-2006Fantasie di bianchezza nell'Australia federaleGiulani, G
2015‘Fantasies of Consensus:’ Planning Reform in Sydney, 2005–2013MacDonald, H
Jan-2006Fantastic Architecture and the Building of Europe in Valerio Evangelisti's Eymerich FictionMikula, MH; Hill, M; Karaminas, V
1995The fantasy of exile : some reflections on the margins of the "unhomely consciousness"McCarthy, Peter James
Jan-2012Far away from home: the housing question and international students in AustraliaObeng-Odoom, F
Jan-2002Far transfer for complex problem solving: some important issuesCornford, IR; Roebuck, D; Searle, J
22-Jul-2014Farewell address to N. Raghavan (Consul General for India in Indonesia), [between 1947 – 1950]P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
Jan-2008Farewell to Class, except the Middle Class: The Politics of Class Analysis in Contemporary ChinaGuo, Y