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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014Editorial: Nurses' role in improving interdisciplinary delirium care in inpatient settings: steps for action.Hosie, A; Phillips, J
Jan-2008Editorial: Organising care delivery: facilitator or impediment to supportive working relationships in nursingJackson, DE
Jan-2008Editorial: Patient experiences, family participation and professional rolesJackson, DE
Jul-2017Editorial: yoga for QoL in ulcerative colitis-any better than other supportive activities? Authors' reply.Cramer, H; Dobos, G; Langhorst, J
2008Editors introduction: Fundamental dimensions and dilemmas of corporate governanceClarke, T; Dela Rama, M; Clarke, T; dela Rama, M
2006Editors' introduction - the governance of globalizationClarke, T; Dela Rama, M; Clarke, T; dela Rama, M
May-2013The Edmonton Classification System for Cancer Pain: comparison of pain classification features and pain intensity across diverse palliative care settings in eight countries.Nekolaichuk, CL; Fainsinger, RL; Aass, N; Hjermstad, MJ; Knudsen, AK; Klepstad, P; Currow, DC; Kaasa, S; European Palliative Care Research Collaborative (EPCRC)
1-Jan-2016EDMS: A system for efficient processing distance-aware influence maximizationWang, X; Chen, C; Zhang, Y
Jan-2007EDUA: An efficient algorithm for dynamic database miningZhang, S; Zhang, J; Zhang, C
Jan-2007Educating a Global WorkforceFarrell, LE; Fenwick, T; FARRELL, L; FENWICK, T
2010Educating communities for a sustainable future - do large-scale sporting events have a role?Harris, RJ
Jan-2010Educating critical mathematics educators: Challenges for teacher educatorsYasukawa, K; Alro, H; Ravn, O; Valero, P
7-Jun-2017Educating Design Innovation Catalysts Through Design InterventionsHammel, RC; Mosely, G; Bohemia, E; De Bont, CJPM; Holm, LS
2018Educating EAL nursing students : the clinical experienceHavery, Caroline Louise
2002Educating for a knowledge management future: perceptions of library and information professionalsTodd, R; Southon, G
10-May-2007Educating for Civil Society in the face of Authoritarianism: case study BurmaOo, S; Flowers, R
Jan-2014Educating for collaboration: The outcomes of an interprofessional education workshop for complementary and alternative maternity care providersSteel, AE; Wardle, J; Diezel, HM; Johnstone, K; Adams, J
Jan-2005Educating Parents: The Evenstart financial literacy programChodkiewicz, AK; Johnston, B; Yasukawa, K
Jan-2012Educating patients about warfarin therapy using information technology: A survey on healthcare professionals┬┤ perspectivesNasser, S; Mullan, J; Bajorek, B
2007Educating student nurses about chronic painShaw, SM