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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Follow-up care after breast cancer treatment: experiences and perceptions of service provision and provider interactions in rural Australian womenLawler, S; Spathonis, K; Masters, J; Adams, J; Eakin, E
2007Following a paper trail from Vienna to the Mugga Way tip : a comparative study of one hundred years of assimilationLongdin, R
Jan-2009Following the action in action learning: towards ethnomethodological studies of (critical) action learningFox, S
Jan-2002Food concentration affects the life history responses of Ceriodaphnia cf. dubia to chemicals with diffeence mechanisms of actionRose, RM; Warne, MS; Lim, RP
Jan-2005Food consumption, body mass and fat deposition in captive regent honeyeaters, Xanthomyza phrygia (Meliphagidae), during the non-breeding seasonMunro, UH; McFadden, MS
Jul-2016Food Efficient Planning and Design for Peri-urban NeighbourhoodsGhosh, S; Maheshwari, B; Singh, VP; Thoradeniya,, B
Jan-1994Food preferences and seed selection in two species of Australian desert rodentsMurray, B; Dickman, CR
26Food Safety: Maximising impact by understanding the food business contextBelinda Davies; Mark Brough; E. Johnstone
Jan-2002Food supplemantation increases larval growth, condition and survival of Acanthochromis polyacanthusBooth, DJ; Alquezar, R
28-Oct-2016Food Waste at Festivals & Markets: Background ResearchDownes, J; Cordell, D
Jan-2007Food waste trial: Results of resident feedback workshopPartridge, EY
Jan-2004Food web pathway determines how selenium affects aquatic ecosystems: A San Francisco Bay case studyStewart, AR; Luoma, SN; Schlekat, CE; Doblin, MA; Hieb, KA
Jan-2006Foot-thumping as an alarm signal in macropodoid marsupials: prevalence and hypotheses of functionRose, T; Munn, A; Ramp, D; Banks, P
Jan-2015Football participation legacy and Australias qualification for the 2006 Football World CupFrawley, SM; Van den Hoven, P
Jan-2006Footprints, Imprints: Seeing Environmentalist and Buddhist Marie Bytes as an Eastern AustralianCadzow, AJ
-FootstepsBurns, D; Morris, J; Low, CM
-FOOTwerk: Improvisations in Gender, Sound and SpaceMurray-Leslie, A; Moline, K; Hall, P; Davis, B; Vaughan, L; Haylock, B
Jan-2007For a Concept of the Domestic Interior: Some Historical and Theoretical ChallengesRice, CE; Hollis, EEA
Jan-2013For better, for worse? What to do when celebrity endorsement goes badCarrillat, F; d'Astous, A; Lazure, J