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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Framework for assessing the quality of quality management programsSoliman, F; Mehrez, A; Connell, J; Jepsen, D; Johns, R; Spooner, K
2004A framework for assisting the design of effective implementation strategies for software process improvementNiazi, Mahmood Khan
Jan-2005A framework for assisting the design of effective software process improvement implementation strategiesNiazi, MK; Wilson, DN; Zowghi, D
Jan-2012A framework for awareness maintenanceTalaei-Khoei, A; Ray, P; Parameshwaran, N; Lewis, L
Jan-2010A framework for CAPM with heterogeneous beliefsChiarella, C; Dieci, R; He, X; Bischi, GI; Chiarella, C; Gardini, L
Jan-2005A Framework for capturing domain knowledge via the webWang, C; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Treloar, A; Ellis, A
Jan-2008A Framework for Confronting Key-swapping Collusion Attack on Random Pairwise Key pre-distribution schemes for distributed sensor networksTran, T; Agbinya, JI; N/A
Jan-2011A Framework for Constructive Design RationaleKannengiesser, U; Gero, JS; Gero, JS
Jan-2009A Framework for Delivering Personalized e-Government Services from a Citizen-Centric ApproachAl- Hassan, MW; Lu, H; Lu, J; Kotsis, G; Taniar, D; Pardede, E; Khlil, I
Jan-2010A Framework for Delivering Personalized E-Government Tourism ServicesAl- Hassan, MW; Lu, H; Lu, J; Filipe, J; Cordeiro, J
Jan-2008A Framework for Developing Enquiry-Oriented Experiments for Non-Physics MajorsKirkup, L; Pizzica, J; Waite, K; Srinivasan, L; Pollard, J
Jan-2011A framework for discovering and classifying ubiquitous services in digital health ecosystemsDong, H; Hussain, FK; Chang, E
Jan-2003A framework for economic analysis of greenhouse abatement optionsRiedy, C; Quentin Grafton, R
Jan-2012A Framework for Enhancing Outside-the-box Thinking in Engineering Design, Demonstrated on a Case StudyRoser, HM; Dartnall, WJ; n/a
2006A framework for enterprise creativity and innovationMooney, Grant
Jan-2001A Framework for Evaluation and Prediction of software process improvement successWilson, DN; Hall, T; Baddoo, N
Jan-2013A framework for exploring gender equality outcomes from WASH programmesCarrard, NR; Crawford, J; Halcrow, G; Rowland, C; Willetts, JR
Jan-2003A Framework for Guiding the Design of Effective Implementation Strategies for Software ImprovementNiazi, MK; Wilson, DN; Zowghi, D; Debenham, J; Zhang, K
Jan-2010A framework for high dimensional data reduction in the microarray domainAnaissi, A; Kennedy, PJ; Goyal, ML; Nagar, AK; Thamburaj, R; Li, K; Tang, Z; Li, R
Jan-2005A Framework for Integrating Learning into Business ProcessesHawryszkiewycz, IT