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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Estimation of internal paramenters and external paramenters for camera calibration using ID patternHe, S; Zhang, H; Hur, N; Kim, J; Wu, Q; Kim, T; Piccardi, M; Hintz, T; Pavlidis, I; Regazzoni, C; He, X
15-Jan-2017Estimation of latent heat flux over savannah vegetation across the North Australian Tropical Transect from multiple sensors and global meteorological dataBarraza, V; Restrepo-Coupe, N; Huete, A; Grings, F; Beringer, J; Cleverly, JR; Eamus, D
2007Estimation of leaf area index in eucalypt forest using digital photographyMacfarlane, C; Hoffman, M; Eamus, D; Kerp, N; Higginson, S; McMurtrie, R; Adams, M
Jan-2007Estimation of leaf area index in eucalypt forest using digital photographyMacFarlane, C; Hoffman, MJ; Eamus, D; Kerp, N; Higginson, S; McMurtrie, RE; Adams, M
Jan-2007Estimation of leaf area index in eucalypt forest with vertical foliage, using cover and fullframe fisheye photographyMacFarlane, C; Arndt, SK; Livesley, S; Edgar, A; White, D; Adams, M; Eamus, D
2011Estimation of multiple period expected shortfall and median shortfall for risk managementSo, M; Wong, CM
Jan-2012Estimation Of Multiple Period Expected Shortfall And Median Shortfall For Risk ManagementSo, MK; Wong, D
Jan-2009Estimation of muscle fatigue during cyclic contractions using source separation techniquesNaik, G; Kumar, DK; Wheeler, K; Arjunan, S; NA
Jan-2013Estimation of number of fatalities caused by toxic gases due to fire in road tunnels.Qu, X; Meng, Q; Liu, Z
Jan-2006Estimation of Oxygen Consumption for Moderate Exercises by Using a Hammerstein ModelSu, SW; Wang, L; Celler, BG; Savkin, AV; Atam, P; Dhawan, P
Jan-2009The estimation of pig bone age for forensic application using thermogravimetric analysisRaja, S; Thomas, P; Stuart, BH; Guerbois, JL; O'Brien, C
Jul-2016Estimation of radiation risk in presence of classical additive and Berkson multiplicative errors in exposure doses.Masiuk, SV; Shklyar, SV; Kukush, AG; Carroll, RJ; Kovgan, LN; Likhtarov, IA
Sep-2012Estimation of rear-end vehicle crash frequencies in urban road tunnels.Meng, Q; Qu, X
Jan-2005Estimation of Soil Properties Using Hyperspectral VIS/IR SensorsHuete, A; Anderson, MG
Jan-2008Estimation of soil water content and evapotranspiration from irrigated cropland on the North China PlainJiang, J; Zhang, Y; Wegehenkel, M; Yu, Q; Xia, J
26-Jun-2017Estimation of the Contaminant Risk Level of Petroleum Residues Applying FDA TechniquesCarrion Gordon, L; Flores, M.; Escobar, A.; Horna, L.
Jan-2014Estimation of the curing rate of acrylamide used as a consolidant in heritage sandstone conservationFukumoto, T; Thomas, P; Simon, P; Dubaj, T; Stuart, BH
Jan-2007Estimation of the diffusion coefficient of water evolved during the non-isothermal dehydration of Australian sedimentary opalThomas, P; Simon, P; Smallwood, AG; Ray, AS
1-Jan-2016Estimation of the frequency boundaries of the inertial range for wind noise spectra in anechoic wind tunnelsZhao, S; Cheng, E; Qiu, X; Burnett, I; Liu, JCC
Jan-2004The Estimation of the Frequency of a Complex Exponential In Additive Gaussian NoiseReisenfeld, S; No editors