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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Antibody-antigen kinetics following immunization of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with a T-cell dependent antigenCain, KD; Jones, D; Raison, RL
Jan-2011Antibody-specified B-cell Epitope Prediction In Line With The Principle Of Context-awarenessZhao, L; Wong, L; Li, J
Jan-2010Anticipation as a Strategy: A Design Paradigm for RoboticsWilliams, M; Gardenfors, P; Johnston, BG; Wightwick, GR; Goebel, R; Siekmann, J; Wahlster, W; Bi, Y; Williams, MA
Jan-2008Anticipation in AttentionBalkenius, C; Forster, A; Johansson, B; Thorsteinsdottir, V; Pezzulo, G; Butz, MV; Castelfranchi, C; Falcone, R
Jan-2010Anticipatory Biomimetic MiddlewareChaczko, ZC; Klempous, R; Dubois, DM
Jan-2007Anticipatory Models in Gaze Control: A Developmental ModelBalkenius, C; Johansson, B
2016Anticipatory models of load balancing in cloud computingAslanzadeh, Shahrzad
Jan-2014An Anticipatory Sanet Environment for Training and Simulation of Laparoscopic Surgical ProceduresChiu, CC; Chaczko, ZC; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J; Jacak, W; Chaczko, Z
Jan-2008Anticoagulation control in hospitalised patients on warfarinSu, E; Naganathan, V; Fallah, H; Bajorek, B; McLachlan, A
Jan-2000Anticonvulsant teratogenesis 4: Inter-rater agreement in assessing minor physical features related to anticonvulsant therapyCarlin, JB; Ryan, LM; Harvey, EA; Holmes, LB
Jan-1994Anticonvulsant teratogenesis: 2. Statistical methods for multiple birth outcomesLegler, JM; Ryan, LM; Harvey, EA; Holmes, LB
Jan-2013Antidiuretic effect of desmopressin chimera agglomerates by nasal administration in ratsBalduccia, AG; Ferraro, L; Bortolotti, F; Nastruzzia, C; Colombo, P; Sonvico, F; Russo, P; Colombo, G
Jan-2003The antifungal protein from Aspergillus giganteus causes membrane permeabilizationTheis, T; Wedde, M; Meyer, V; Stahl, U
Jan-2013Antiglobalization MovementsGoodman, J; Snow, D; Della Porta, D; Klandermans, B; McAdam, D
Jan-2012Antimicrobial peptides: utility players in innate immunityRobinson, MW; Hutchinson, AT; Donnelly, SM
Feb-2016Antimitogenic effect of bitter taste receptor agonists on airway smooth muscle cells.Sharma, P; Panebra, A; Pera, T; Tiegs, BC; Hershfeld, A; Kenyon, LC; Deshpande, DA
Jan-2003Antimony by ICP-MS as a marker for sentinel lymph nodes in melanoma patientsDawson, M; Doble, PA; Beavis, AB; Li, L; Soper, R; Scolyer, RA; Uren, RF; Thompson, JF
Jan-2004Antimony concentrations in nodal tissue can confirm sentinel node identityScolyer, RA; Thompson, JF; Li, L; Beavis, AB; Dawson, M; Doble, PA; Soper, R; Uren, RF; Stretch, JR; Sharma, R; McCarthy, SW
20-Sep-2015Antimony-Carbon-Graphene Fibrous Composite as Freestanding Anode Materials for Sodium-ion BatteriesLi, K; Su, D; Liu, H; Wang, G
1-Jan-2013The antioxidant potential of Brassica rapa L. on glutathione peroxidase, superoxide dismutase enzymes and total antioxidant statusGul, S; Ahmed, S; Gul, H; Shad, KF; Zia-Ul-Haq, M; Badiu, D