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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Ant-Based Topology Convergence Algorithms for Resource Management in VANETsChiang, F; Chaczko, ZC; Agbinya, JI; Braun, RM; az, RMD; Pichler, F; Arencibia, AQ
Jan-2003Antagonistic activity of Aeromonas media strain A199 against Saprolegnia sp., an opportunistic pathogen of the eel, Anguilla australis RichardsonLategan, MJ; Gibson, LF
Jan-2012Antarctic Coastal Microalgal Primary Production And PhotosynthesisMcMinn, A; Ashworth, C; Bhagooli, R; Martin, A; Salleh, S; Ralph, PJ; Ryan, KG
Jan-2001Antecedants of Relationship Functions in Industrial Markets: A Cross National ComparisonWilkinson, I; Young, LC; Chetty, S; Collins, B
Jan-2007The Antecedents And Consequence Of Functional And Dysfunctional Conflict Between Marketing Managers And Sales ManagersMassey, GR; Dawes, PL
Jan-2010The antecedents and consequences of adopting learning management systems in selected Australian universitiesPratt, J; Ragusa, AT
2007Antecedents and consequences of mothers' ethical judgements of television advertisements directed at children : a study of four ethnic groups in IndonesiaLanasier, Evi Vileta
Jan-2008Antecedents and outcome relationship value - Evidence from VietnamNguyen, DT; Nguyen, TT; Barrett, NJ; NA
Jan-2005Antecedents of conflict in marketing's cross-functional relationship with salesDawes, PL; Massey, GR
Jan-2001Antecedents of Organisational Commitment and the Mediating Role of Job SatisfactionLok, P; Crawford, JD
Jan-2008Antecedents of True Brand LoyaltyKim, J; Morris, JD; Swait, JRJD
2005Antenatal education : meeting consumer needs a study in health services developmentSvensson, JL
12-Mar-2007Antenna Design for Ultra Wideband Application Using Stacked Multiresonator PatchesNourinia, J; Zehforoosh, Y; Ghobadi, C
Jan-2008Antenna Selection in Rank-Deficient MIMO SystemsVu, TX; Nguyen, D; Trinh, VA; NA
Jan-2007'Antes cursi que sencilla': Eurovision Song Contests and the Kitsch Drive to Euro-UnityAllatson, P
Jan-2014Anthropocene Hospitality: belonging in/to a changing climateKelly, EK
1-Aug-2016Anthropogenic Impacts on the Microbial Ecology and Function of Aquatic EnvironmentsLabbate, M; Seymour, JR; Lauro, F; Brown, MV; Labbate, M; Seymour, JR; Lauro, F; Brown, MV
2008Anthropology, philosophy and a little Aboriginal community on the edge of the desertMorgan, H
Jan-2013Anthropomorphic Resonances: On The Relationship Between Computer Interfaces And The Human Form And MotionBongers, B
Nov-2013Anti-angiogenic activity of heparin functionalised cerium oxide nanoparticles.Lord, MS; Tsoi, B; Gunawan, C; Teoh, WY; Amal, R; Whitelock, JM