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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008An analysis of the sensitivity of sap flux to soil and plant variables assessed for an Australian woodland using a soil-plant-atmosphere modelZeppel, MJ; Macinnis-Ng, CM; Palmer, A; Taylor, DT; Whitley, RJ; Fuentes, S; Yunusa, IA; Williams, M; Eamus, D
Oct-2014Analysis of the Social Network Development of a Virtual Community for Australian Intensive Care ProfessionalsROLLS, K; HANSEN, M; JACKSON, D; ELLIOTT, D
2002Analysis of the Steady state performance of doubly fed induction machinesBoardman, G; Zhu, J; Ha, Q; Zahedi A
Jan-2015An analysis of the therapeutic benefits of genotyping in pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.Wright, FA; Bebawy, M; O'Brien, TA
12-Mar-2007Analysis of the Topology for Moving Wireless NetworksAkache, M; Momani, M; Navarrete, GP; Agbinya, JI
Jan-2006Analysis of the Topology for Moving Wireless NetworksNavarrete Guzman, GP; Agbinya, JI; Momani, M; Akache, M; N/A
2015An analysis of the uncertainty in spatially distributed real-time flow forecastsSakal, A
Jan-2013Analysis of the Uplink Maximum Achievable Rate With Location-Dependent Intercell Signal Interference Factors Based on Linear Wyner ModelZhang, J; Ge, X; Li, Z; Mao, G
Jan-2002An analysis of the use of of the Design- Build project delivery system by interior design firms, and its effectiveness in delivering fit-out projectsBajaj, D; Merchant, A
Jan-2012Analysis Of Thermal Stress During Of Twin-roll Casting Of Magnesium AlloyZhang, Y; Han, T; Jiang, Z; Wei, D
1-Jan-2015Analysis of thin strip profile by work roll crossing and shifting in asymmetrical cold rollingAljabri, A; Jiang, Z; Wei, D
19-Mar-2014Analysis of thin strip profile during asymmetrical cold rolling with roll crossing and shifting millAljabri, A; Jiang, ZY; Wei, DB
Jan-2004The analysis of tires and tire traces using FTIR Py-GC/MSSarkissian, G; Keegan, J; Du Pasquier, E; Depriester, J; Rousselot, P
2012Analysis of trabecular bone mechanical properties from magnetic resonance imagesZabolizadeh, Z
Jan-2011Analysis of Transient Overvoltage in 220 kV Saturated Core HTS FCLXiao, H; Qiu, J; Wang, S; Zhang, Q; Gong, W; Xin, Y; Zhu, J; Guo, Y
1-Aug-2010Analysis of tribological feature of the oxide scale in hot strip rollingJiang, ZY; Tang, J; Sun, W; Tieu, AK; Wei, D
Jan-2002Analysis of UML Stereotypes within the UML MetamodelGogolla, M; Henderson-Sellers, B; Jezequel, JM; Hussman, H; Cook, S
Jan-2013Analysis of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Wound Rotor Induction Machines using Finite Element Analysis - Transient, Motoring and Generating ModesDorrell, DG; Hermann, AN; Jensen, B; Palensky, P; Gomes, L; Chow, MY
4-Mar-2015An Analysis of User Engagement in Relation to Computing Workshop ActivitiesMenzies, R; Crabb, M; Herron, D; Petrie, K; Stewart, C; Zarb, M
Jan-2000Analysis of Vegetation Isolines in Red-NIR Reflectance SpaceYoshioka, H; Miura, T; Huete, A; Ganapol, BD