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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Focus on pedagogy: the use of digital video and iMovie in K-12 schoolsKearney, MD; Schuck, SR; Smythe, N
-Focus Productions Kramer-
Jan-2004A Focus+Context Visualization Technique Using Semi-TransparencyNguyen, Q; Huang, M; Wei, D; Wang, H; Peng, Z; Kara, A; He, Y
Jan-2011Focused Crawling for Automatic Service Discovery, Annotation, and Classification in Industrial Digital EcosystemsDong, H; Hussain, FK
Jan-2011Focused electron beam-induced deposition at cryogenic temperaturesBresin, M; Thiel, BL; Toth, M; Dunn, K
-focusProductions 4 Dreamworld-
-focusProductions 6 Revlon-
Jan-2011Folded Bands In Metamaterial Photonic CrystalsChen, P; Poulton, CG; Asatryan, AA; Steel, MJ; Botten, LC; de Sterke, CM; McPhedran, RC
-foldersx120Gwilt, ID; Brighton, SGUO
Jan-2013Folic acid-functionalized magnetic ZnFe2O4 hollow microsphere core/mesoporous silica shell composite particles: Synthesis and application in drug releaseYang, D; Wei, K; Liu, Q; Yang, Y; Guo, X; Rong, H; Cheng, M; Wang, G
Jan-2011Follow the leader: Fund managers trading in signal-strength sequenceFong, K; Gallagher, DR; Gardner, P; Swan, PL
Sep-2012The 'follow-through' experience in three-year Bachelor of Midwifery programs in Australia: A survey of studentsGray, JE; Leap, N; Sheehy, AD; Homer, CS
Jan-2011Follow-up care after breast cancer treatment: experiences and perceptions of service provision and provider interactions in rural Australian womenLawler, S; Spathonis, K; Masters, J; Adams, J; Eakin, E
2007Following a paper trail from Vienna to the Mugga Way tip : a comparative study of one hundred years of assimilationLongdin, R
Jan-2009Following the action in action learning: towards ethnomethodological studies of (critical) action learningFox, S
Jan-2002Food concentration affects the life history responses of Ceriodaphnia cf. dubia to chemicals with diffeence mechanisms of actionRose, RM; Warne, MS; Lim, RP
Jan-2005Food consumption, body mass and fat deposition in captive regent honeyeaters, Xanthomyza phrygia (Meliphagidae), during the non-breeding seasonMunro, UH; McFadden, MS
Jul-2016Food Efficient Planning and Design for Peri-urban NeighbourhoodsGhosh, S; Maheshwari, B; Singh, VP; Thoradeniya,, B
Jan-1994Food preferences and seed selection in two species of Australian desert rodentsMurray, B; Dickman, CR
26-Feb-2014Food Safety: Maximising impact by understanding the food business contextBelinda Davies; Mark Brough; E. Johnstone