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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Nov-2015Analysis of a shunt maximum power point tracker for PV-battery systemLu, Y; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
10-Nov-2015Analysis of a three-port DC-DC converter for PV-battery system using DISO boost and SISO buck convertersCheng, T; Lu, DDC; Gong, A; Verstraete, D
1998An analysis of a week's opinion writing in Sydney daily newspapers : who speaks, how they are chosen & what is saidParker, Maralyn Jennifer
2006Analysis of accelerants by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and cyclic voltammetry for biosensor developmentJones, B
Jan-2010Analysis of Access and Connectivity Probabilities in Infrastructure-Based Vehicular Relay NetworksMao, G; Jamalipour, A; Shafi, M; Guo, YJ
Jan-2011Analysis of Access and Connectivity Probabilities in Vehicular Relay NetworksMao, G; Ng, SC; Zhang, W; Yang, Y
Jan-2006Analysis of admixed CeO2 nanoparticles via TEM and x-ray diffraction techniquesVella, A; Whitley, RJ; Armstrong, NG; Dowd, AR; Cline, JP; Avdeev, M
Jan-2010Analysis Of Advanced Strip Shape During Cold Rolling Of Thin StripJiang, Z; Du, X; Du, Y; Wei, D; Hee, X
Jan-2012Analysis of Alertness Status of Subjects Undergoing the Cortical Auditory Evoked Potential Hearing TestAl-Ani, A; Rabie, A; van Dun, B; Dillon, H; Huang, T; Zeng, Z; Li, C; Leung, CS
2013The analysis of amphetamine-type stimulants using microchip capillary electrophoresisLloyd, AE
Jan-2010Analysis of amphetamine-type substances by capillary zone electrophoresis using capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detectionEpple, R; Blanes, L; Beavis, AB; Roux, CP; Doble, PA
20-May-2013Analysis of an optical wireless receiver using a hemispherical lens with application in MIMO visible light communicationsWang, TQ; Sekercioglu, YA; Armstrong, J
Jan-2006An Analysis of Angle-Based With Ratio-Based Vegetation IndicesJiang, Z; Huete, A; Liu, J; Chen, Y
Jan-2001Analysis Of Antimalarial Synergy Between Bestatin And Endoprotease Inhibitors Using Statistical Response-surface ModellingGavigan, C; Machado, S; Dalton, JP; Bell, AA
1-Jan-2017An Analysis of Assortment Choice in Grocery RetailingKwak, K; Duvvuri, SD; Russell, GJ
Jan-2010An analysis of Australian exchange traded options and warrantsBertin, W; Fowler, P; Michayluk, D; Prathier, L
Feb-2012Analysis of Australian newspaper coverage of medication errors.Hinchcliff, R; Westbrook, J; Greenfield, D; Baysari, M; Moldovan, M; Braithwaite, J
Jan-2012Analysis Of Average Run Length For Cusum Procedure With Negative Exponential DataBusaba, J; Sukparungsee, S; Areepong, Y; Mititelu, G
Jan-2009Analysis of axial voltages and inter-bar currents in cast copper cage rotors during DC current injection as an aid to identify casting faultsDorrell, DG; Frosini, L; Bottani, M; Galbiati, G; Hsieh, M; Technical Committees, IEEE
1-Jan-2013Analysis of axisymmetric cup forming of metal foil and micro hydroforming processSato, H; Manabe, KI; Wei, D; Jiang, Z