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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005An Analysis of the bias correction problem in simultaneous localization and mappingWijesoma, WS; Perera, L; Adams, MD; Challa, S; N/A
Jan-2006An analysis of the cobweb model with boundedly rational heterogeneous producersChiarella, C; He, X; Hung, H; Zhu, P
Jan-1996An analysis of the complex dynamic behaviour of nonlinear oligopoly models with time delaysChiarella, C; Khomin, A
Jan-2016Analysis of the distribution and evolution of the ATP-dependent DNA ligases of bacteria delineates a distinct phylogenetic group 'Lig E'.Williamson, A; Hjerde, E; Kahlke, T
Jan-2011An analysis of the effect of noise in a heterogeneous agent financial market modelChiarella, C; He, X; Zheng, M
Jan-2013Analysis of the flavonoid component of bioactive New Zealand manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) honey and the isolation, characterisation and synthesis of an unusual pyrroleChan, C; Deadman, B; Manley-harris, M; Wilkins, A; Alber, DG; Harry, L
Jan-2006Analysis of the footwork patterns of elite wicket-keepers in cricketRosen, B; Bower, R
Jan-2004An analysis of the general practice access scheme on GP incomes, bulk billing and consumer copaymentsSavage, EJ; Jones, G
Jan-2010An Analysis Of The Importance Of The Long Tail In Search Engine MarketingSkiera, B; Eckert, J; Hinz, O
21-Dec-2014Analysis of the influence to productivity of software corrective maintenance using an economic modelHuang, K; Kong, X; Sandrasegaran, K
Jan-2009An analysis of the long-run impact of fixed income and equity market performance on Australian and UK securitised property marketsCheong, C; Wilson, PJ; Zurbruegg, R
26-Sep-2016Analysis of the magnetic torque on a tilted permanent magnet for drug delivery in capsule robotsMunoz, F; Alici, G; Zhou, H; Li, W; Sitti, M
Jan-2016Analysis of the N-terminal region of human MLKL, as well as two distinct MLKL isoforms, reveals new insights into necroptotic cell death.Arnež, KH; Kindlova, M; Bokil, NJ; Murphy, JM; Sweet, MJ; Gunčar, G
2014Analysis of the performance of cable-stayed bridges under extreme eventsAoki, Y
Jan-2008Analysis of the Pseudoalteromonas tunicata genome reveals properties of a surface-associated life style in the marine environment.Thomas, T; Evans, FF; Schleheck, D; Mai-Prochnow, A; Burke, C; Penesyan, A; Dalisay, DS; Stelzer-Braid, S; Saunders, N; Johnson, J; Ferriera, S; Kjelleberg, S; Egan, S
3-Jan-2011Analysis of the resolution of split-ring metamaterial lenses with application in parallel magnetic resonance imagingAlgarin, JM; Freire, MJ; Lopez, MA; Lapine, M; Jakob, PM; Behr, VC; Marqús, R
Jan-2008An analysis of the sensitivity of sap flux to soil and plant variables assessed for an Australian woodland using a soil-plant-atmosphere modelZeppel, MJ; Macinnis-Ng, CM; Palmer, A; Taylor, DT; Whitley, RJ; Fuentes, S; Yunusa, IA; Williams, M; Eamus, D
Oct-2014Analysis of the Social Network Development of a Virtual Community for Australian Intensive Care ProfessionalsROLLS, K; HANSEN, M; JACKSON, D; ELLIOTT, D
2002Analysis of the Steady state performance of doubly fed induction machinesBoardman, G; Zhu, J; Ha, Q; Zahedi A
Jan-2015An analysis of the therapeutic benefits of genotyping in pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.Wright, FA; Bebawy, M; O'Brien, TA