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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008An approach for assessing the physical condition of rivers at the catchment scaleRayburg, SC; Thoms, M; Parsons, M; Harris, C; Lambert, M; Daniell, T; Leonard, M
Jan-2013An approach for change impact analysis in web systems - a industrial case studyMehboob, Z; Khan, A
Jan-2009An Approach for Comparison of Architecture Level Change Impact Analysis Methods and their relevance in Web Systems EvolutionMehboob, Z; Zowghi, D; Lowe, DB; Colin Fidge
Jan-2008An approach for enhancing the results of detecting foreground objects and their moving shadows in surveillance videoOng, C; Lu, S; Zhang, J; N/A
2016An approach for identifying classifiable regions of an image captured by autonomous robots in structural environmentsTo, W; Paul, G; Liu, D
Jan-2008An Approach of Canny Edge Detection with Virtual Hexagonal Image StructureHe, S; Jia, W; Wu, Q; Wen, C; Pham, TC
2013An approach of change impact analysis in web systemsMehboob, Z
Jan-2013An Approach of Hierarchical Concept Clustering on Medical Short Text CorpusLi, W; Zhao, D; Cao, L; Gao, JX; Xu, D; Sun, X; Wu, Y
2006The Approach of the Courts to the construction and application of time limit privative clausesEllis-Jones, I
Jan-2006The Approach of the Courts to the construction and application of time limit privative clausesEllis-Jones, ID
Jan-2007An Approach to Argumentation Context Mining from Dialogue History in an E-Market ScenarioIslam, KS; Ong, KL; Li, W; Gao, J
Jan-2003An approach to attribute generalization in incomplete information systemsLi, T; Ma, J; Xu, Y; Yang, N; NA
1-Jan-2015An Approach to Base Placement for Effective Collaboration of Multiple Autonomous Industrial RobotsHassan, M; Liu, DK; Paul, G; Huang, SH
Jan-2003An Approach to Digitizing and Managing Well-Logging Parameter Graphs and Agent-Based PerspectiveLi, C; Zhang, C; Wang, M; Song, Q; Liu, J; Faltings, B; Zhong, N; Lu, R; Nishida, T
Jan-2007An Approach to Edge Detection on a Virtual Hexagonal StructureHe, S; Jia, W; Li, J; Wu, Q; Hintz, TB; Bottema, MEA
Jan-2011An approach to the uniform dispersion of a high volume fraction of carbon nanotubes in aluminum powderJiang, L; Fan, G; Li, Z; Chen, Z; Zhang, D; Kai, X; Humphries, SR; Heness, GL; Yeung, WY
Jan-2012An Approach to University Social Responsibility Ontology Development through Text AnalysesEsfijani, A; Hussain, FK; Chang, E; Eric Pardede, JM; Singh, J
Jan-2011Approaches to clinical decision-making: A qualitative study of naturopathsSteel, AE; Adams, J
Jan-2010Approaches to integrating social and environmental accounting (SEA) into accounting majors in Australian universitiesSundin, HJ; Wainwright, LR
Jan-2005Approaches to learning in computer programming students and their effect on successde Raadt, M; Hamilton, M; Lister, RF; Tutty, J; Baker, B; Box, I; Cutts, QI; Fincher, S; Hamer, J; Haden, P; Petre, M; Robins, A; Sutton, K; Tolhurst, D