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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Anthropomorphic Resonances: On The Relationship Between Computer Interfaces And The Human Form And MotionBongers, B
Nov-2013Anti-angiogenic activity of heparin functionalised cerium oxide nanoparticles.Lord, MS; Tsoi, B; Gunawan, C; Teoh, WY; Amal, R; Whitelock, JM
28-Nov-2016Anti-doping for ParalympiansAdair, D; Darcy, S; Frawley, S; Adair, D
Jan-2010Anti-inflammatory effects of apolipoprotein A-I in the rabbitPatel, S; Di Bartolo, B; Nakhla, S; Heather, AK; Mitchell, T; Jessup, W; Celermajer, DS; Barter, P; Rye, K
1-Jan-2014Anti-noise-folding regularized subspace pursuit recovery algorithm for noisy sparse signalsYang, X; Cui, Q; Dutkiewicz, E; Huang, X; Tao, X; Fang, G
Jan-2013Anti-proliferative actions of N '-desmethylsorafenib in human breast cancer cellsCui, P; Rawling, T; Gillani, T; Bourget, K; Wang, X; Zhou, F; Murray, M
2-Jan-2016Anti-racism ‘from below’: exploring repertoires of everyday anti-racismAquino, K
24-Jun-2013Anti-Slavery Australia submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Inquiry into Slavery, Slavery-like Conditions and People Trafficking.Burn, JM
24-Oct-2012Anti-Slavery Australia submission to the NSW Community Relations Commission Inquiry into the Exploitation of Women through Trafficking.Burn, JM
2-Sep-2014Anti-Slavery Australia submission to the Senate Legal Affairs Committee Inquiry into the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Psychoactive Substances and Other Measures) Bill 2014Burn, JM
26-Jun-2013Anti-Slavery Australia submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee Inquiry into Crimes Legislation Amendment (Law Enforcement Integrity, Vulnerable Witness Protection and Other Measures) Bill 2013Burn, JM
13-Sep-2012Anti-Slavery Australia submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee Inquiry into Crimes Legislation Amendment (Slavery, Slavery-like Conditions and People Trafficking) Bill 2012Burn, JM
18-Mar-2014Anti-Slavery Australia submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee Inquiry into Migration Amendment (Regaining Control over Australia’s Protection Obligations) Bill 2013Burn, JM
Jun-2015Anti-tumor activities of lipids and lipid analogues and their development as potential anticancer drugsMurray, M; Hraiki, A; Bebawy, M; Pazderka, C; Rawling, T
2016The Antibacterial Activity of Australian Leptospermum Honey Correlates with Methylglyoxal Levels.Cokcetin, NN; Pappalardo, M; Campbell, LT; Brooks, P; Carter, DA; Blair, SE; Harry, EJ
2013Antibacterial and photocatalytic properties of Ag/TiO 2/ZnO nano-flowers prepared by facile one-pot hydrothermal processPant, HR; Pant, B; Sharma, RK; Amarjargal, A; Kim, HJ; Park, CH; Tijing, LD; Kim, CS
2012Antibacterial and superhydrophilic electrospun polyurethane nanocomposite fibers containing tourmaline nanoparticlesTijing, LD; Ruelo, MTG; Amarjargal, A; Pant, HR; Park, C; Kim, DW; Kim, CS
2013Antibacterial tourmaline nanoparticles/polyurethane hybrid mat decorated with silver nanoparticles prepared by electrospinning and UV photoreductionTijing, LD; Amarjargal, A; Jiang, Z; Ruelo, MTG; Park, C; Pant, HR; Kim, D; Lee, DH; Kim, CS
Jan-2014Antibiotic delivery potential of nano and micro porous marine structures derived ß-TCP spheres for medical applicationsChou, J
Jan-2003Antibiotic resistance among verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli (VTEC) and non-VTEC isolated from domestic animals and humansBettelheim, KA; Hornitzky, MA; Djordjevic, SP; Kuzevski, A