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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Gibralter Park Retirement VillageCampbell, L; Luscombe, DO
Jan-2004Gibrat and Pareto-Zipf revisited with European firmsFujiwara, Y; Aoyama, H; Di Guilmi, C; Souma, W; Gallegati, M
Jan-2008The Gift of the HinterlandBarrell, A
2010Gifted education in Hong Kong : perceptions of teachers, parents and expertsMa, HM
14-Jun-2013Gillard And Gender: Has She Been Vindicated?Price, J; Joyce, J
Jan-2009'Girl disease': Women managers' reticence and ambivalence towards organizational advancementRoss-Smith, AE; Chesterman, CJ
-Girl with Headphones-
Jan-2010Giustizia sociale, spazio e citta` (Social justice, space and the city)Lancione, M
1-Jan-2016'Give Me Liberty, or Give Me.. Nice, New, Shiny Things': Global Development Aid Education in AustraliaBuchanan, J; Varadharajan, M
Sep-2016Giving Local Governments the RebootRyan, R; Drew, J
Jan-2005Giving voice to health care professionals' attitudes about their clinical service structures in Theoretical ContextBraithwaite, J; Westbrook, M; Iedema, RA
Jan-2003GL-Link: A Novel Telerobotics-based Platform Supporting Distributed Mechatronic Research via the InternetSingh, SP; Waldron, K; NA
Jan-2008'Glacial at best': Women's progress on corporate boards in AustraliaRoss-Smith, AE; Bridge, J; Vinnicombe, S; Singh, V; Burke, R; Bilimoria, D; Huse, M
Jan-2006Glass breaks : from nickel sulfide inclusionsRay, AS; Jacob, L
Jan-2001Glass Particles in Footwear of members of the Public in South Eastern Australia - A SurveyRoux, CP; Kirk, R; Benson, SJ; Van Haren, T; Petterd, C
Jan-2003The Gleeson Court on Constitutional Law: An Empirical Analysis of its First Five YearsLynch, AN
Jan-2013Glioma microvesicles carry selectively packaged coding and noncoding RNAs which alter gene expression in recipient cellsLi, CC; Eaton, SA; Young, PE; Lee, M; Shuttleworth, R; Humphreys, DT; Grau, G; Combes, V; Bebawy, M; Gong, J; Brammah, S; Buckland, ME; Suter, CM
-Glitter and DanceHighshots Photography 2010
-glitter and dance showroompanoramic-
1996The glittering thread : the 1954 Royal Tour of AustraliaConnors, Jane Holley