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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Explaining reasons for stress, burnout and self-efficacy in direct care staff in supported aged care accommodation servicesWalker, IP
1-Aug-2016Explaining Suicide in Organizations: Durkheim RevisitedClegg,, SR; Cunha,, MP; Rego,, A
Jan-2010Explaining variational approximationsOrmerod, JT; Wand, M
Jan-2011Explanatory mining for gold: Contrasting evidence from simple and multiple regressionsBaur, DG
Jan-2010Explicit analytical solutions for the average run length of CUSUM and EWMA chartsMititelu, G; Areepong, Y; Sukparungsee, S; Novikov, A
Jan-2005Explicit bounds for approximation rates of boundary crossing probabilities for the Wiener processBorovkov, K; Novikov, A
Jan-2009Explicit connections between longitudinal data analysis and kernel machinesPearce, ND; Wand, M
2017Explicit Edge Inconsistency Evaluation Model for Color-guided Depth Map EnhancementZuo, Y; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; An, P
1-Jan-2016The explicit form of expectation propagation for a simple statistical modelKim, ASI; Wand, MP
1-Jan-2016Explicit measurement on depth-color inconsistency for depth completionZuo, Y; Wu, Q; An, P; Zhang, J
25-Aug-2016Explicit modeling on depth-color inconsistency for color-guided depth up-samplingZuo, Y; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; An, P
23-Oct-2012Exploding the lobby: Hyatt Regency, AtlantaRice, CE; Avermaete, T; Massey, A
Jan-2006Exploiting beach filling as an unaffordable experiment Benthic intertidal impacts propagating upwards to shorebirdsPeterson, CH; Bishop, M; Johnson, GA; D'anna, L; Manning, L
2017Exploiting Geographical Location for Team Formation in Social Coding SitesYuqiang, H; Yao, W; Liang, C; Xu, G; Jian, W
Jan-2011Exploiting Instability: reconfiguring digital systemsMatthews, LM; Perin, GJ; Herr, CM; Gu, N; Roudavski, S; Schnabel, MA
2009Exploiting laser and capacitive ranging sensors' behaviour to identify material typeKirchner, NGE
Jan-2011Exploiting Local Coherent Patterns For Unsupervised Feature RankingHuang, Q; Tao, D; Li, X; Jin, L; Wei, G
Jan-2010Exploiting Local Data Uncertainty to Boost Global Outlier DetectionLiu, B; Yin, J; Xiao, Y; Cao, L; Yu, P; Webb, GI; Liu, B; Zhang, C; Gunopulos, D; Wu, X
Apr-2016Exploiting Multi-Core Architectures for Reduced-Variance Estimation with Intractable LikelihoodsFriel, N; Mira, A; Oates, C
25-Jun-2013Exploiting multi-user diversity and multi-hop diversity in dual-hop broadcast channelsZafar, A; Shaqfeh, M; Alouini, MS; Alnuweiri, H