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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Anatomy of an Incident Disclosure: The Importance of DialogueIedema, RA; Allen, S
Jan-2013The anatomy of portfolio skewness and kurtosisHall, AD; Satchell, SE
Jan-2004Anatoxin-a elicits an increase in peroxidase and glutathione S-transferase activity in aquatic plantsMitrovic, S; Pflugmacher, S; James, KJ; Furey, A
Jan-2001Ancestors & Demons: Religious Convictions and the Development of Chinese Medical EpistemologyCochran, WM
Jan-2012Ancestral footprints: assumptions of 'natural' athleticism among Indigenous Australians.Adair, D
1-Jan-2015Anchored wall design: Comparing the global and partial factors of safety incorporating the australian standardsKhabbaz, H; Aung, Y
Jan-2004Ancient & Modern: time, culture and indigenous philosophyMuecke, S
Jan-2010Ancilla-assisted discrimination of quantum gatesChen, J; Ying, M
Jan-2008Ancilla-Assisted Discrimination Of Quantum GatesChen, J; Ying, M
Jan-2013And Rewind! Recycling Discourses of Knowledge Work and Knowledge SocietyAdelstein, J; Clegg, SR
2007And then we moved in: Post factum documentation of the houseMacken, M
Jan-2007And then we moved in: Post factum documentation of the houseMacken, ME
1-Jul-2012Anderson localization in metamaterials and other complex media: (Review Article)Gredeskul, SA; Kivshar, YS; Asatryan, AA; Bliokh, KY; Bliokh, YP; Freilikher, VD; Shadrivov, IV
Jan-2010Anderson Localization Of Classical Waves In Weakly Scattering MetamaterialsAsatryan, AA; Gredeskul, S; Botten, LC; Byrne, MA; Freilikher, VD; Shadrivov, I; McPhedran, RC; Kivshar, Y
Feb-2016Andrew Crane, Dirk Matten and Laura Spence (eds), Corporate Social Responsibility: Readings and Cases in a Global Context CraneAndrewMattenDirk and SpenceLaura (eds), Corporate Social Responsibility: Readings and Cases in a Global Context, London: Routledge, 2014; 616 pp., ISBN 9780415683258, AU$98.62 (pbk).Clarke, T
Jan-2010The androgen receptor drives the sex-specific expression of vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 in endothelial cells but not lipid metabolism genes in monocyte-derived macrophagesMcGrath, KC; Hill, MD; Mcrobb, L; Heather, AK
Jan-2005Androgen receptor gene expression in leucocytes is hormonally regulated: implications for gender differences in disease pathogenesisSader, M; McGrath, KC; Hill, M; Bradstock, K; Jimenez, M; Handelsman, D; Celermajer, DS; Heather, AK
Jan-2008Androgen therapy and atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseaseMcGrath, KC; Mcrobb, L; Heather, AK
Jan-2009Androgen-Induced Progression of Arterial Calcification in Apolipoprotein E-Null Mice Is Uncoupled from Plaque Growth and Lipid LevelsMcrobb, L; Handelsman, D; Heather, AK
Jan-2012Androgens rapidly activate nuclear factor-kappa B via intracellular Ca2+ signalling in human vascular endothelial cellsMcGrath, KC; Li, XH; Gaus, K; Williams, P; Celermajer, DS; Handelsman, DJ; Heather, AK