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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Aug-2013Generation of Wannier functions for photonic crystalsWolff, C; Mack, P; Busch, K
Jan-2011Generation Y, Learner Auonomy and the Potential of Web 2.0 Tools for Language Teaching and LearningMorgan, L; Fernstrom, K; Tsolokidis, C
Jan-2012Generation Y, Learner Autonomy And The Potential Of Web 2.0 Tools For Language Learning And TeachingMorgan, L
Jan-2010Generational characteristics and their impact on preference for management control systemsPetroulas, E; Brown, DA; Sundin, HJ
Jan-2003Generations in Design MethodologyBroadbent, JA
Jan-2005Generative Art: From Analogue to Digital FormationsLeggett, MG; Edmonds, E; Brown, P; Burraston, D
Jan-2005Generative Film: Analogue to Digital MigrationLeggett, MG; Innocent, T
9-Jul-2016A Generative Model for Recognizing Mixed Group Activities in Still ImagesZhou, Z; Li, K; He, XS; L, M; Kambhampati, S
2006Generative music and cellular automataBurraston, David M
2014A generative parametric performance design system for spatial configurationsCoorey, BP
Aug-2014Generative spatial performance design systemCoorey, BP; Jupp, JR
Jan-2007Generative Systems and the Cinematic Spaces of Film and Installation ArtLeggett, MG
Jan-2007Generative Website: Visualising Possible StoriesAmitani, S; Edmonds, EA; Jeff Jones
Jan-2015Generic anthropometric and performance characteristics among elite adolescent boys in nine different sports.Pion, J; Segers, V; Fransen, J; Debuyck, G; Deprez, D; Haerens, L; Vaeyens, R; Philippaerts, R; Lenoir, M
Jan-2004A generic Architecture for SOAP Transaction ManagementBrookes, WC; Kanagasabai, L; Bevinakoppa, S; Hu, J
2012Generic benchmarking for application specific wireless sensor networks multi criteria performanceYu, D
Jan-2001Generic competencies/skillsCornford, IR; Kanes, C
2009A generic force field method for robot real-time motion planning and coordinationWang, D
Jan-2007A Generic Framework for Approximate Simulation in Commonsense Reasoning SystemsJohnston, BG; Williams, M; Amir, E; Lifschitz, V; Miller, R
Jan-2013A generic model for investigation of arching action in reinforced concrete membersValipour Goudarzi, H; Vessali, N; Foster, SJ