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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Evaluation of patient medication knowledge following hospital dischargeColinet, H; Donoghue, JM; Moran, P; Mackay, S; Mitten-Lewis, S
Jan-2013Evaluation of Permanent Magnet Generator Manufactured Using Postassembly MagnetizationHsieh, M; Hsu, Y; Dorrell, DG; Chen, P
Jan-2002Evaluation of phases in a hydrothermally treated CaO-SiO2-H2O systemKlimesch, DS; Ray, AS
Jan-2012Evaluation Of Photosynthetic Electron Flow Using Simultaneous Measurements Of Gas Exchange And Chlorophyll Fluorescence Under Photorespiratory ConditionsYe, ZP; Yu, Q; Kang, HJ
Jan-2010Evaluation of Pose Only SLAMHu, G; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G; Luo, RC; Asama, H
Jun-2011Evaluation of potential reference genes for reverse transcription-qPCR studies of physiological responses in Drosophila melanogaster.Ponton, F; Chapuis, M-P; Pernice, M; Sword, GA; Simpson, SJ
2017Evaluation of PPP projects in Australia and India: An Information Asymmetry PerspectiveDevkar, G; Sankaran, S; Ke, Y; Ayer, KC; Deshmukh, SG; Sawhney, A; Saha, R; Singh, SP
Jan-2001Evaluation of Principal Components Analysis with High-Performance Liquid Chromatographhy and Photodiode Array Detection for the Forensic Differentiation of Ballpoint Pen InksKher, A; Green, EV; Mulholland, M
Jan-2012Evaluation of project interdependency visualizations through decision scenario experimentationKillen, CP; EURAM
Jan-2013Evaluation of project interdependency visualizations through decision scenario experimentationKillen, CP
2002Evaluation of pulmonary rehabilitation at St George HospitalChaseling, N; Dunford, M; Wilds, T; Fitzgerald, M; Mitten-Lewis, S
Jan-2013Evaluation of quality of design for document-centric software servicesFeuerlicht, G
Jan-2005Evaluation of Raman Spectroscopy for the analysis of colored fibers: A collaborative studyMassonnet, G; Buzzini, P; Jochem, G; Stauber, M; Coyle, T; Roux, CP; Thomas, JM; Leijenhorst, H; van Zanten, Z; Wiggins, KG; Russell, C; Chabli, S; Rosengarten, A
2008Evaluation of reagents for the chemical enhancement of fingermarks on porous surfaces : optimisation and characterisation of the 1,2-indanedione techniqueWallace-Kunkel, CS
Jan-2008Evaluation of recombinant proteins of Neospora caninum as vaccine candidates (in a mouse model)Ellis, JT; Miller, CM; Quinn, HE; Ryce, C; Reichel, MP
Jan-2013An evaluation of regulated IFRS and non-IFRS firm performance measuresGovendir, B; Wells, PA
Jan-1992Evaluation Of Salmonella-Typhimurium Strains Harboring Defined Mutations In Htra And Aroa In The Murine Salmonellosis ModelChatfield, S; Strahan, K; Pickard, D; Charles, IG; Hormaeche, C; Dougan, G
2010Evaluation of sentinel lymph node identity in melanoma patients using analysis of antimony by inductively coupled plasma - mass spectrometryBeavis, A
Jan-2013Evaluation of services for children with complex needs: mapping service provision in one NHS Trust.Brooks, F; Bloomfield, L; Offredy, M; Shaughnessy, P
Jan-2006Evaluation of SHAW model in simulating energy balance, leaf temperature, and micrometeorological variables within a Maize canopyXiao, W; Yu, Q; Flerchinger, GN; Zheng, Y